What are fascias ?

The two most well-known fascias are the pericardium located all around the heart and the meninges surrounding the brain.

Osteopathy, fasciatherapy

The fascias are most often weakened in the event of bad posture, lack of physical activity, stress, lack of water. In osteopathy, there is a link between back pain, emotional shock and fascia. Under the effect of the shock, the fascias indeed release a substance involved in the contraction of the blood vessels at the origin of the acute back pain. This would also explain the back pain chronically reported in some people subject to stress. The pain experienced is all the more intense as the dorsal fascias are particularly innervated and connected to many cells of the spinal cord.

Due to the significant degree of connection between the organs via the fascias, pain can be relocated: “a pinch at the level of the nerve of the elbow by stiffening of the connective tissue can trigger numbness or pain in the hand”, describe the authors. from the website www. satisform.fr.

In case of pain, some osteopaths or physiotherapists work on the fascias to act on the organs in depth. Fasciatherapy* focuses exclusively on the fascia. A work and therefore an improvement of the feeling can be obtained by acting on the fascias.

Psychological shocks, pain, inflammation

Thanks to their tone and their elasticity, the fascias can in fact absorb and “distribute in a harmonious way the physical and psychological shocks to which we are continually subjected”.

The fine membranes that are the fascias are also capable “of contracting and influencing the dynamics of muscles, joints, biology and the overall proper functioning of our body. They thus play an essential role in the transmission of forces and in the control of movement, in pain and inflammation or even in the awareness of the body and of oneself”, relay the specialists of the site www.fasciafrance.fr.

*approach not recognized by social security which complements the medical diagnosis

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