What are the 4 common foods that cause rapid skin aging, according to dermatologists

Fruits and Vegetables Can Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful (SM CONTENT STUDIO)

Although doctors admit a genetic factor quota, the important thing to keep the skin young are good habits, the lifestyle. Without healthy habits there will be no aesthetic treatment that is effective.

The bad habits that can make a person appear older than they really are are clear: lack of sleep, an incorrect diet and a poor beauty routine. Experts recommend taking a healthy, holistic approach to self-care to keep skin looking youthful and plump.

Among the most important aspects to take into account are undoubtedly the foods that are consumed: Dermatologist Marisa Garshick told SheFinds that fruits and vegetables can keep your skin looking youthful because “they tend to offer antioxidant protection, so they help protect the skin against free radical damage.”

But at the same time, there are some foods that should be avoided with the same goal of keep the skin young, but also because they are harmful to health in general.

The following are the foods that should not be consumed to avoid rapid skin aging.

1 – Processed foods

“Foods with a high glycemic index or processed foods can make aging worse,” said Dr. Garshick. “This may be the result of free radical damage, increased sugar levels and increased exposure to advanced glycation end products that can contribute to skin aging, as well as dullness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. “

Without healthy habits there will be no aesthetic treatment that is effective (SM CONTENT STUDIO)
Without healthy habits there will be no aesthetic treatment that is effective (SM CONTENT STUDIO)

2 – Baked goods

Garshick added: “Trans fats, which can be found in baked goods, fried foods and fast foods, can increase inflammation and inflammation can contribute to the signs of skin aging.”

3 – Alcohol

“The excessive alcohol intake can trigger oxidative damage and stress on the skin, which contributes to the overall aging process and increases the signs and symptoms of aging. Also, it can dehydrate the skin, which can contribute to dryness and worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, “he assured.

4 – Sugar

“Foods high in sugar can affect elastin and collagen, which can later lead to wrinkles and sagging, ”Garshick said.

Foods with sugar among the most harmful (REUTERS / Emmanuel Foudrot / Illustration)
Foods with sugar among the most harmful (REUTERS / Emmanuel Foudrot / Illustration)

On the other hand, a strong preventive skin care routine is one of the best ways to ensure a flawless complexion, even as you age. The ingredients you include in your skincare product line can help treat existing problems while also preventing external causes of aging, so it is important to ensure that the products you are using can help support its appearance from all angles. Some days it can be tedious to complete every step of your skincare routine, and you may be tempted to skip over some products that you may find superfluous. However, skipping certain steps can have a profound negative impact on your appearance in the long run, and you can’t afford to skimp on them. If you’ve found yourself regularly cutting back on your skincare routine because it feels tedious,

One of the main reasons your skin begins to age over time is the years of damage it has suffered. While you may be following an airtight skincare routine complete with retinol and other serums, it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not protecting your complexion from sun exposure and UV rays. Skipping sunscreen every day is one of the best ways to ensure premature aging, as your skin is continually exposed to harmful rays.

“All of our habits influence the skin: eat healthy; get up early, exercise, sleep well in time and depth, “said Colombian dermatologist John Harvey Gaviria, a specialist in rejuvenation. In addition, he assures that even “feeling good, loving and being loved” has an impact.

“Today in the consultation we do an extensive investigation of the patient’s life from the womb of his mother and, By understanding how his life has been, we can then give appropriate tools for each case, and for each skin. From the inside and the outside too. That is the key to go further and that is the way to really look holistically ”.

The Argentine dermatologist Lucas Ponti, member of the Argentine Society of Dermatology (SAD), explains that “Before, genetic information was conceived as the determining and unchangeable inheritance” but that, thanks to scientific advances, today it is known that “genes only define 30% of our life” while the remaining 70% depends on external factors. “These are what really define aging and our diseases.”

Along the same lines, Gaviria points out: “Many of the things that we see on our skin are not really on our skin and the skin is only the reflector that warns us that something is not right. The key in the consultation is knowing how to listen to the patient. to understand the origin of that which is manifested on the skin, the cause. If we are chronically tired all the time that translates to our skin. Our skin will look aged, stressed ”.

Recommendations to improve the health and appearance of the skin

1. Physical activity, one of the pillars to improve dermatological status

2. Get a good night’s sleep to stay healthy

3. Healthy eating, essential for all body functions


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