what are the avenues mentioned?

In terms of deconfinement, the executive is moving forward with caution. “There is an almost taboo word at the Elysee Palace that no minister or advisor wants to say today, it is the word ‘deconfinement'”, reports journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau, in duplex from the Elysee Palace, Wednesday, November 18. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, insisted that the country was not going to be deconfined on December 1.

The government prefers to talk about a gradual relaxation of containment, in stages. “Emmanuel Macron should announce several reductions next week, such as the reopening of so-called non-essential shops […] but also to give some perspectives for the Christmas holidays and in particular concerning the trips to go in family “, continues the journalist. This easing should be offset by other measures “to avoid seeing contaminations start to rise again”. The return of the curfew is one of the avenues mentioned.

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