What are the best companies dedicated to digital marketing?

  • Luxurycomm

    To begin, we interview the people of Luxurycomm, a 360 agency passionate about the world of luxury that works as a consultant designing comprehensive digital strategies for Premium and luxury firms.


    How long have you been in the sector and what is your origin?

    Luxurycomm has been in the sector for more than 8 years offering a comprehensive solution while remaining faithful to its origins: the passion for the world of luxury, for offering something new in the sector, given the digitization of the more Premium sector.

    What are the fundamental services that you offer?

    As a Consultant, we design digital strategies for the positioning of Luxury and Premium brands in the digital field.

    Communication and Marketing Agency 360
    for Luxury and Premium brands and we provide Communication and Public Relations services, strategic management of Social Networks, Digital Marketing, Influence Marketing, Web Consulting, Branded Content, Paid Media, Execution of Media Plans, SEO and SEM, Branding and organization of events with end customer. He also works as an Agency, carrying out content and creative design for campaigns.

    In addition, Luxurycomm has a great expertise in Influence Marketing. We work with more than 5,000 Spanish and international Influencers and we execute approximately 150 Influence Marketing campaigns per year.

    Tell us about the profile of your clients.

    Luxurycomm’s main clients are Luxury and Premium firms in sectors such as jewelry, beauty, perfumes and cosmetics, fashion, motor, gastronomy, leisure, travel, technology and innovation, and professional services.

    What do you consider that makes you unique or special?

    Something that differentiates us from our competition is that Luxurycomm is an Agency and Strategic Consulting company, something that allows us to have a broader vision both of the approach and to subsequently execute the services.

    www.luxurycomm.com | info@luxurycomm.com | Tel: 91 603 40 01/618 534 539

    C / Nuñez de Balboa, 120-3 pl-28006 Madrid, Spain.

  • Mediatrium

    We present Mediatrium, an agency specialized in online advertising through social networks, Google and YouTube, which guides its clients step by step towards improving their results.

    Mediatrium is a
    digital marketing agency
    born in 2009 in France and present in Spain since 2017. We specialize in promoting brands and companies on social networks, YouTube and Google.

    Digital marketing is increasingly complex to master and requires a lot of time and investment. Our role as an agency is to guide our clients and offer them the most effective solutions to increase awareness and generate sales.

    Among our references are many e-commerce sites and European companies such as Dyson, Armani Beauty, Flamagas, Kingston Technology and DEKRA Automotive. We also support small and medium-sized companies and start-ups.

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    The European dimension of our agency allows us to develop communication strategies adapted to the specificity of each country. We work especially in these types of missions:

    – Online advertising on social networks, on Google and on YouTube.

    Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we perfectly master algorithms and the creation of content that stands out.

    – Community management.

    Our actions on social networks promote buzz, thanks to the positive comments and reactions around your brand.

    – Production of photos and videos.

    Our productions adapt to new formats: reports, reels, carousels, motion design, infographics, etc. Your communication has more impact and your image is modernized and rejuvenated.

    – Influence marketing.

    We organize operations that promote the purchase or subscription to a service. The influencers are carefully selected, for greater efficiency.

    Our goal is to make your customers prefer your brand or your e-commerce site to those of the competition. And the results are there: on average, our clients see their online sales increase by 35% in the first months of working with us.

    www.mediatrium.es | hello@mediatrium.com | Tel: 93 174 98 67

  • Creatives

    We interviewed the Qreativos team, an agency located in Ceuta that does
    marketing from the good to the south of the south
    . They work on the other side of the Strait to offer the companies of their city and others in the Spanish geography the best of themselves. Original, fresh, dynamic and with personal values ​​that they transfer to their daily work.

    How long have you been in the sector and what is your origin?

    Qreativos was born in 2014 by the hand of our CEO, Quique Rodríguez, who had the illusion and commitment that, in Ceuta, there would be a powerful advertising agency, on a par with any other in the rest of Spain. Obviously, we are in a peculiar geographical location, which has forced us to adapt to it and its social singularities in order to carry out our work efficiently. Perhaps that has hardened us to also work with companies from the rest of the country with absolute capacity.

    What began as a small creative studio, has become an agency with a portfolio of services and clients that exceeds any expectations that were had in the beginning. Betting on originality and excellence above all else, has yielded great results.

    What are the fundamental services or products that you offer?

    Our services are all that a company or project may need, we are 360º: brand design and management, marketing and neuromarketing, audiovisual production, creative photography, web design, content factory, SEO and SEM positioning, social media, corporate communication , etc.

    Tell us how are the people or companies that usually turn to you.

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    We do not have a specific client profile, because we work with large and small companies, with ambitious and humble projects. We only have one premise: if we do not believe in the person, in the project or in the company, we do not accept the commitment.

    What do you consider that makes you unique or special?

    We boast of a great creative capacity, speed to plan and develop a project and the indisputable gift of putting ourselves in the place of the client to achieve their objectives by going hand in hand.

    www.qreativos.es | clients@qreativos.es | Tel: 956 748 011

    Plaza de los Reyes building, local 7. 51001 – Ceuta.

  • RDS Marketing

    Next, we introduce RDS Marketing, a
    marketing and branding agency
    who considers that nothing is impossible if you want to start a new adventure, get out of your comfort zone and surprise.

    What are we?

    We are a company specialized in Marketing and branding with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in reinventing, redesigning and creating a new way of understanding marketing. We like to break down barriers, create new concepts, personalize strategy and invent new forms of communication.

    For us nothing is impossible, any goal is at hand. We only need clients willing to embark on a new adventure, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and surprise.

    It’s easy for things to turn out well when you work on what you like, and that’s what we do: work on what we’re passionate about.

    What do we do?

    Everything that is proposed to us. We do not believe in the impossible. From designing the image of a project, establishing offline and online communication strategies, advertising campaigns, marketing actions, online campaigns, branding, web, etc. Our specialty is to take a project that is in the rough and give it shape, a new business that is starting and needs all the help to make itself known and position itself. And what we have not done yet, we can also do that.

    About us?

    Our team is made up of highly qualified people specialized in the different branches of marketing, communication and advertising off and online. We are in constant professional growth fully updated. Our heads think of ideas, creative actions, in advertising, journalism, graphic design, photography, CCMM, Digital media planner, data analysis, programming and systems.

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    Our strengths:

    * We are in continuous training. We are ahead of the fashions.

    * We are multisectoral. We can carry out work for any type of client, since we specialize in the company. The client we work with has our exclusivity for the same activity and target audience.

    * We have created trends and concepts that are successful.

    * We are 360. We can take care of the entire process, starting from scratch. From the creation of the website, branding, consulting.

    * Each client is unique to us, and is the most important. We give a personalized and direct attention. Until being one of your team.

    https://rdsmarketing.es | hablemos@rdsmarketing.es | Tel: 689 22 13 22

  • Ecoeureka

    Finally, we spoke with Ecoeureka, «The responsive digital marketing agency», who offer a comprehensive solution for their clients, thanks to their experience in the network of more than a decade.

    What is Ecoeureka?

    Ecoeureka, is a
    Digital Marketing Agency
    located in Madrid that was born 11 years ago, initially launching a collaborative portal that achieved great success. Because of this we began to help different companies to improve the “digital situation” in which they were growing every year in projects and in people until today.

    What are the main services you offer?

    We offer all kinds of solutions to the digital needs that companies may present today, especially after the time we are going through in which digitization is important right now to be able to reach everywhere and everyone. In our case we offer different services such as Web Design, SEO Positioning, Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn …) Management of campaigns in Google Ads, Management of campaigns in Social Ads, Email marketing campaigns.

    What are the people who request your services like?

    The profiles of our clients are many and varied, clients with national and international presence, among which are decoration companies, jewelers, clinics, florists and consultancies. All our clients seek to offer not only a quality digital service that helps them in their business but also to offer a good user experience to their clients.

    What are your strengths?

    Ecoeureka is “The Responsive Digital Marketing Agency”, that’s our motto. This play on words helps us to convey that we always seek a long-term relationship with the client based on sincerity and trust. We like to be sincere from the beginning so we do not promise impossible goals. For us, the success of the project or client will also be our success as an agency and our guarantee of continuing to work with them.

    www.ecoeureka.com | marketing@ecoeureka.com | Tel: +34 911 386 400

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