“What are the conditions for going to Germany? “

Since June 18, France is no longer classified by Germany as a “risk zone”, with the exception of Guyana, Reunion and Saint-Martin. However, health proof remains mandatory in order to enter German territory. You will thus have to present at your choice:

– the negative test result (a PCR of less than 72 hours or an antigen of less than 48 hours)

– a evidence of contamination to Covid-19 by presenting a positive PCR test of more than 28 days and less than 6 months

– a proof of full vaccination via a QR Code available on the patient portal of the Medicare website or on the paper version that was given to you during your final injection.

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Note that you may also be asked for these health documents during your stay in Hamburg, to enter a museum or cinemas for example, depending on the epidemic situation in the country.

For your return, as Germany is part of the zone classified as “green” by France, unless you justify a complete vaccination, you will need to present a negative test (PCR less than 72 hours or antigen less than 48 hours). Note that a test in Germany costs between 60 and 80 €.


Germany’s strategy against the Delta variant

Berlin has classified the countries into four categories. In the country without risk, like France, a negative test is enough to travel across the Rhine. In those at risk and high incidence of infections, travelers must check in online after arrival and undergo a 10-day quarantine if they are not vaccinated. Finally, in variant zones, tourists are banned from staying in Germany.

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In a speech at the beginning of July, the Minister of Health Jens Spahn however indicated that these rankings would evolve rapidly, in particular because of the Delta variant which becomes the majority in the countries of the European Union. Travelers are advised to check regularly before leaving for Germany.

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