What are the consequences of the marriage between the zodiac rat and the zodiac horse?

Original title: What are the consequences of the marriage between the zodiac rat and the zodiac horse? The rat and the horse hedge, but the marriage can also be happy

The question of the marriage between the Rat and the Horse seems to be an old mystery. It is said that according to the traditional Chinese zodiac, the two zodiac signs of the rat and the horse are mutually impulsive and mutually repulsive. So, what will be the consequences of this zodiac combination getting married? In this article, we’ll explore this question, along with some of the factors that may affect this marital relationship.

Rat Horse Hedge

There is a hedging relationship between the zodiac rat and the zodiac horse. In traditional Chinese culture, the zodiac is a very important concept. Each of the twelve zodiac signs has its symbolic meaning and characteristics, and there will be some interaction and mutual influence between different zodiac signs. In the Chinese zodiac, the rat and the horse are opposite signs, that is to say, the relationship between them is relatively tense. The manifestations of this impulsive relationship can be quarrels, competition, conflicts, etc. Based on this mutual impulsive relationship, we can infer that the consequences of getting married between the zodiac rat and the zodiac horse may be more complicated. First of all, due to their conflicting relationship, this marriage may face some challenges, such as problems in mutual understanding, communication, interaction, etc. The zodiac rat and the zodiac horse may have friction due to each other’s characteristics and habits, and even cause major conflicts due to some small things.

Many misunderstandings and disagreements

Due to their conflicting relationship, Rat and Horse may face some mutual influence issues after they get married. Rats are characterized by wit, agility, and intelligence, while horses are characterized by bravery, confidence, and passion. The characteristics of these two zodiac signs are very different, and their interplay can cause some problems. For example, the zodiac horse may feel that the zodiac rat is too cautious, careful, and even a little timid, while the zodiac rat may think that the zodiac horse is too impulsive, rash, and even a little reckless. This mutual influence may cause some misunderstandings and disagreements between the Rat and the Horse.

what are the consequences of marriage

Of course, the above problems are not necessarily many problems that the zodiac rat and the zodiac horse will face after they get married. Rat and Horse are also very different in family education background. Rats are usually more traditional and focus on family and family responsibilities and obligations, while Horses are more modern and pursue personal freedom and independence. This difference in family education background may also lead to conflicts and differences between the two in family life. However, marriage is not just based on whether the matching of zodiac signs is suitable, but many factors need to be considered. If two people really love each other and can support, tolerate and understand each other, then their marriage relationship may be very happy.Return to Sohu to see more


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