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What are the developments in the health of the Syrian artist, Antoinette Najib?

The able Syrian artist was exposed Antoinette Naguib Due to a health crisis, she was admitted to the hospital, which led to her being admitted to the intensive care unit, where her daughter Samah Choueiri made it clear two days ago that her mother is in a stable condition, but it is not good, but she has not yet passed the stage of danger.

Choueiri explained that her mother is still in the intensive care unit in the hospital, as she suffers from effusion and fluid accumulation in the lung as a result of dialysis, which caused a high percentage of water in her body and the occurrence of lung effusion.

Her daughter also explained that her mother needs to pray, waiting for God to bless her with an improvement in her condition.

For his part, the Syrian artist Firas Ibrahim confirmed yesterday that he visited the artist Antoinette Najib in the hospital and reassured her that her health had improved. Firas said in a comment posted on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Praise be to God, our dear star Antoinette Najib is fine .. I visited her hours ago. At Al-Assad University Hospital, I exchanged a conversation with her, and she was the one who initiated me to ask about my health and my job, and she invited me to visit her at her home as soon as she left the hospital, and I accepted her invitation with pleasure. “.

The artist, Antoinette Naguib, was subjected to a number of health crises during the recent period, which caused her to enter the hospital several times as a result of her suffering from kidney disease, where she undergoes dialysis sessions.

Praise be to God, our dear star, Antoinette Najib, is fine.

Posted by Firas Ibrahim on Friday, December 3, 2021

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