What are the health benefits of strawberries?

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants

The strawberry contains antioxidant which shows positive effects on center. Beneficial for the eyes, it reduces the risk of cataracts and protects the retina from UV rays. This food is also good for the skin because it stimulates the formation of collagen, which makes the skin more supple and younger.

This food prevents cardiovascular disease

This fruit is also known for its benefits against cardiovascular disease. According to Harvard, women who consume 3 servings of strawberries per week are less likely to have a heart attack. It is because the strawberry contains flavonoids, nutrients that can improve blood circulation.


This fruit includes unaihuiziphotography body benefits

It helps fight cancer

The antioxidants contained in strawberries can protect us against certain types of cancer. The agic acid of red fruits has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent the development of various types of cancers. Moreover, the anthocyanines strawberries have a strong potential for preventing this disease by slowing the growth of tumor cells.

A food that reduces blood pressure

Thanks to its high content of potassium, the strawberry is particularly recommended in cases of high blood pressure. Indeed, it helps counter the effects of salt, which causes this disease, in the body.


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