What are the most and best valued museums in your community?

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After such a complicated year for tourism, the cultural offer may be one of the biggest claims when it comes to attracting visitors. Spain has a huge offer spread throughout the territory, but What community has the most and best valued museums?

The Web Musement, a destination activity booking platform, has extracted the five most popular galleries in each autonomous community based on the number of reviews received on Google. Thus, it is observed that Madrid (with more than 150 thousand comments) is the region with the most popular museums, ahead of the Valencian Community (116 thousand), Catalonia (111 thousand), Basque Country (58 thousand) and Andalusia (37 thousand).

However, if we look at the average score of the five art galleries with the most comments from each community, we can see how the highest average grade is obtained by Madrid and Castilla y León (4.58). Behind, Aragon, Catalonia and the Valencian Community with a 4.48.

On the other hand, the worst rated museums are those located in the Balearic Islands (an average 4.28), Navarra and the Canary Islands, with 4.32.

What is the most popular museum in Spain?

The Valencia City of Arts and Sciences It is the museum in Spain with the most reviews on Google, more than 83 thousand. Behind, the Prado Museum, in Madrid, it exceeds 75 thousand. By far, in third position, is the Guggenheim of Bilbao with more than 47 thousand comments. They complete the ‘top 5’ the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum (Madrid) with 34 thousand comments and the Dalí Theater-Museum (Figueras, Gerona) with 26 thousand.

If we look at the score obtained by our art galleries, as seen in the following graph, again, the Prado Museum is among the best valued, with 4.7 out of 5. This score is also obtained by Sorolla Museum (Madrid), he National Museum of Roman Art (Extremadura), the National Sculpture Museum (Valladolid), the Mining Museum (Listen, Teruel), the Fire and Firefighters Museum (Zaragoza) and the Manchego Cheese Museum (Toledo).

At the end of the table, with a note of 3.8, the worst of all the cultural centers analyzed, are the International Museum of Contemporary Art-Castillo de San José in Lanzarote and the Museum of the Witches in Zugarramurdi, Navarra.

[En el mapa superior se muestran los cinco museos más populares de cada Comunida Autónoma, haz clic con el cursor sobre cada punto para obtener más información. El tamaño del punto indica el número de valoraciones y el color, la calificación obtenida]

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