What are the most expensive cities in the world amid the pandemic? | international economy | Coronavirus | COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world, according to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Last year Singapore, Osaka (Japan) and Hong Kong (China) occupied the first places, but this 2020 only one of these cities remains in the top.

This year Hong Kong maintains its position together with Zurich (Switzerland) and Paris (France).

Research indicates that Singapore It could not stay in the top 3 because, in the middle of the pandemic, prices fell, and there was an exodus of foreign workers.

However, Singapore is still ranked four out of the most expensive cities to live.

In Hong Kong and other Chinese cities, prices have risen due to tensions between United States and China.

“The Asian cities have traditionally dominated the rankings in recent years, but the pandemic has reorganized the positions this year “, says Upasana Dutt, director of the publication to BBC Mundo.

The top 10 most expensive cities is completed by Tel Aviv (Israel), Osaka (Japan), Geneva (Switzerland), New York (United States), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Los Angeles (United States).

Four of the most expensive cities are located in Europe, which is reflected in the relative strength of European currencies.

Even in Geneva the highest minimum wage in the world had to be established due to the high cost of living.

On the other hand, cities in America, Africa and Eastern Europe have become cheaper since 2019.

The Brazilian cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro they are those that register a greater fall in their prices.


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