what are the new postal rates?

The price of the stamp will experience a “historic” increase from January 1, 2015 announces the press. A 7% increase in the mail rate communicated by La Poste yesterday.

They had already increased in 2013 and 2014. Mail rates are set to jump again on January 1st 2015. The telecoms authority, Arcep, authorized La Poste on July 22 to increase its prices. the stamp price will eventually grow by 7%. A historic increase announced by La Poste yesterday. In practice, this means that a basic letter will be franked 0.68 euros against 0.61 previously (green stamp) and that a priority letter will cost 0.76 euros against 0.66 previously (red stamp). Parcels are not left out, even if the increase in La Poste’s prices is more discreet. The latter will cost 1% more in 2015 than in 2014.

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“The stamps increase by 10 cents”

Why inflict such an increase on households when purchasing power is an increasingly sensitive issue? La Poste made a very detailed but sometimes laborious argument to justify its choice. First, if Arcep has authorized the company to increase its prices, it is because it is based on an average inflation rate of 1.7%. But an additional boost has been granted to La Poste which is facing a decline in its postal activity, which faces strong competition from the Web in particular. La Poste has indeed seen the number of mail pieces posted each year fall by 5 billion in 7 years, from 18 billion in 2008 to 13 billion in 2015. The leaders of the company indicate that they will fall below 10 billion by 2020. To invest in new markets, La Poste needs to find room for maneuver.

La Poste also indicates that this increase would be a catch-up compared to other European countries which would practice higher prices than in France. A more questionable argument, as indicated by Europe 1. If the stamp price increased in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, it has fallen since 2011 among our neighbors in Spain (35 centimes), Germany (58 centimes) and Belgium. France is already in 10th place in the ranking of countries with the most expensive stamp. In Switzerland, the “standard” stamp costs 0.83 euros, in Denmark more than one euro, in Norway you have to pay 1.22 euros to send a mail.

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