what are the side effects caused by Moderna and Pfizer vaccines?

The vaccination campaign, a subject at the heart of health issues for this year. In France, the executive is betting everything on vaccines to put an end to the coronavirus pandemic, hoping to administer the anti-Covid serum to 30 million French people by this summer. In this race against time, studies are linked on the effectiveness of vaccines but also on their possible side effects.

Regarding the Moderna vaccine, the most common effects are fatigue, fever, headache, pain when injecting, and muscle and joint pain, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Serum administration Pfizer/BioNTech would mainly cause flu-like syndromes (fever, fatigue, headaches), one explains on the institution’s website.

But according to several American radiologists, these vaccines cause other symptoms. In some patients, they found an increase in lymph node swelling located under the armpits, visible on mammograms, relieves West France.

Mild side effects

This “normal” reaction usually goes away “over time”, assure the teams of the Massachusetts General Hospital in a press release. But no worries for patients who would have a mammogram a few days after their vaccination. Doctors want to be reassuring and explain that these swelling should not “be confused with a cancerous tumor on reading the results “.

“If their concern is swelling or tenderness after the vaccine, we suggest theywait four to six weeks, to talk to their doctor, and if it persists, we invite them to make an evaluation “, detailed in CNN Connie Lehman, Head of Mammograms at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In addition, this side effect is not surprising to scientists. According to data from the clinical study of Modern, 11.6% of subjects noticed this type of swelling after the first dose, and 16% after the second. Note that these figures could turn out to be higher since the results of this study relate only to the cases declared by the patients or the doctors, and not to those detected during a mammogram, recalls the New York Times.

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