What chance do European start-ups have?

Dusseldorf Never before has more money flowed into young technology companies. Also in Europe. But start-ups in the US and China are in many cases easier to raise money than their competitors from Berlin, Paris and Madrid. What are the consequences? How can that be changed? And above all, what is the gap in the market for European tech companies?

Sebastian Matthes discusses these questions in a live episode of Handelsblatt Disrupt with four prominent entrepreneurs: Ida Tin, founder of cycle app Clue, venture investor Frank Thelen ("The Cave of the Lions"), BlaBlaCar CEO Nicolas Brusson, N26 co-founder Valentin Stalf.

The discussion, which was recorded at this year's Bits & Pretzels in Munich, focused on new technologies, the leap of European companies to the US, the values ​​and visions of the new generation of entrepreneurs, and the need for better training for tech founders.

More: The previous episode of Handelsblatt Disrupt can be found here.

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