What changes on February 1 for the household budget

There will be fewer changes than January 1.

After a 1is January marked, as always, by the entry into force of multiple measures affecting, upwards or downwards, household spending and resources, there are fewer novelties on this first day of February, for which three increases in prices are especially to be noted.

  • + 3.5% for regulated gas prices

For the seventh month in a row, regulated gas prices (excluding tax) were up, by 3.5% on average on the 1stis February.

In details, “This increase is 0.9% for customers who use gas for cooking, 2.1% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 3.7% for homes that heat themselves gas “, said the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) in a press release.

An increase that β€œIs mainly due to strong demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia, linked in particular to an exceptional cold spell in East Asia. The result is an increase in gas prices on international markets, which leads European countries to draw on their natural gas storage ”, says CRE, adding that these tariffs have fallen by around 14% since the 1is January 2019.

  • Rise also on the electricity side

An increase was also recorded for regulated electricity tariffs. It will be on average 1.61% for residential “blue tariffs”, the government confirmed on January 29, in accordance with the proposal issued mid-January by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

According to the latter, this increase will represent 15 euros per year, on average, on the bill of a residential customer.

The fault, she explained, with Covid-19 with, in particular, disruptions in nuclear fleet maintenance operations and an increase in EDF’s marketing costs for professional customers due to a resurgence of unpaid bills. “In order to limit the impact of the tariff movement on consumers, CRE has decided to integrate, as of now, only 50% of the costs related to unpaid bills for 2021”, she wrote, however.

  • New rates for tolls

Who says 1is February often speaks of rising road toll prices. This year, it will be on average 0.44% for class 1 vehicles, light vehicles, confirmed at World the services of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

  • A “psy check” for students

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