what changes on January 1, 2021

– Mandatory identification of new bicycles

All new bikes sold by a merchant from January 1, 2021 must be marked with a unique identification number registered in a “single national file of identified cycles”. This obligation will be extended to second-hand bikes on July 1, 2021.

« The identifier is placed on the frame of the cycle except in special circumstances and it is easily readable on a parked cycle », specifies the decree, whose objective is to fight against theft by making it easier to find stolen bikes.

– APL reform

From now on, personalized housing assistance (APL) will be calculated “in real time”, like the withholding tax. Concretely, from January 1, your aid will be calculated every three months, « on the basis of the income of the last twelve months known and no longer every year on the basis of income received two years before ».

– MaPrimeRénov ‘extended

All owner-occupants, owner-lessors and condominiums can benefit from this system. energy renovation. The device has already been expanded to October 1 but beneficiaries must apply for assistance from January 1.

– Automatic increase in the minimum wage

The minimum wage is increased by 0.99% to reach 1,554.58 euros gross per month, an increase of 15 euros. This increase, which corresponds to the automatic revaluation of the minimum wage, will bring the gross hourly amount to 10.25 euros.

– 100% reimbursement of hearing aids

As of January 1, 2021, hearing aids will be fully covered by Health Insurance and your complementary insurance. The price of the first model will be set at € 950: € 240 will be covered by Health Insurance and the remaining 710 by supplementary health. This device has ” for the purpose of reducing the cases of forfeiture of care by guaranteeing all insureds the possibility of obtaining quality equipment exempting them from any remaining charges », Can we read on the Améli website.

– La Poste prices increase

La Poste has decided increase its rates. Thus, the price of the Green Letter (J + 2), currently 0.97 €, will drop to 1.08 € while the red stamp for a priority letter (J + 1) will drop from 1.16 € to 1, € 28. The Ecopli stamp (the cheapest) will also increase by more than 10 cents. It will drop from 95 cents to 1.06 euro.

– Italian showers in the new building

New apartments on the ground floor and new detached houses in subdivision or intended for rental must be equipped with a walk-in shower. This measure aims to make the bathrooms in these homes more accessible to people with reduced mobility. It will be extended to new apartments served by lift on July 1, 2021.

– The precariousness bonus in the public service

A contractual civil servant may benefit from an end-of-contract indemnity known as a “precariousness bonus”. This provision concerns fixed-term contracts (CDD) concluded as of January 1, 2021 in the State civil service and in the territorial and hospital public services. The amount of the termination indemnity is set at 10% of the total gross remuneration received by the agent during the term of his contract, renewal included.

– The end of the universal solidarity fund

Bruno Le Maire had indicated at the beginning of December: the universal solidarity fund, which allows all companies that have lost 50% of their turnover to receive compensation, will stop on January 1 « because economic activities will have resumed “. Businesses that are still closed, such as restaurants, continue to benefit from this fund.

– Brexit

As of January 1, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union. Many changes result, some of which will be immediate: changes in status for expatriates, new customs duties, end of the validity of the European health insurance card, etc.

– Targeted advertising

Already launched by France Télévision and announced on Canal + or M6 with the operator Bouygues, targeted advertising on television, authorized by decree in August, should allow channels to fight on equal terms with the digital giants. An agreement between TF1 and Orange confirms the arrival personalized advertising on January 1.

– New rules for drones

European regulations requiring the registration of drones and new obligations for their users also come into force. The flight conditions and whether or not they pass an exam to have the right to fly will now depend on the weight of the aircraft, with three categories: less than 250 g, less than 900 g, then less than 4 kg.


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