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DISNEY + – Released in France on Tuesday, the Disney + streaming service intends to create a place in the landscape of online subscription offers despite the presence of Netflix. How to subscribe? What to watch? We take stock.

[Mis à jour le 08 avril 2020 à 16h26] After a long wait, the French public finally got their hands on Disney +, released in France on Tuesday April 7. With a catalog of more than 560 films and more than 130 series, Disney + is currently positioned in addition to the giant Netflix, which confirms its monthly price of € 6.99, much lower than that of its direct competitor. While its competitors have entered a war on original content, Disney relies on the strength of its content library, made up of Disney and Pixar animation classics, Marvel superhero films, the Star Wars saga and productions. National Geographic. At the French launch, Disney + does however ship some 26 original content, films or series, of which The Mandalorian is without a doubt the spearhead. What is the procedure for subscribing to Disney +? Which programs to watch according to the ages of the family members? Here is all the info on the streaming offer!

A Disney + subscription costs € 6.99 per month or € 69.99 per year. Some internet users have rushed to this new streaming offer as soon as it was available in France. If you decided to subscribe to the subscription or at least to test the formula, we advise you to use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone for more ease during the registration phase (it is not necessarily easy to do all the maneuver with the remote control of his TV). The first thing to do is to head to Disney + subscription page which allows you to subscribe. Registration is very easy and is done in several stages:

  1. Enter an email address
  2. Accept the general subscription conditions
  3. Choose a secure password
  4. Choose between the monthly plan (€ 6.99 per month) and the annual plan (€ 69.99) then enter your bank details
  5. Check your subscription data and confirm

As a reminder, as soon as you register for Disney + services, it launches a free offer which allows you not to pay the first week of subscription. You are therefore entitled to 7 days of free trial upon registration to Disney +, enough to make your own opinion on the quality of the offer. Note, however, that the platform requires you to enter your bank details because, at the end of seven days of free trial, you will be billed the monthly payment of € 6.99 against your subscription which is tacitly renewed.

Disney + also available via Canal +

Part of Canal + subscribers have seen Disney + added to their subscription. This is particularly the case for beneficiaries of the Integral offers, the Canal + Pack +, the Ciné Série + Pack but also the Famille + Pack. Some of these offers only offer Disney + for one year while others integrate it indefinitely. Thousands of French Canal + subscribers therefore have it directly in their subscription, as long as they link their MyCanal account to their Disney + account. Note also that Canal + offers a preferential rate offer at the moment: Canal + and Disney + in the same subscription at € 19.90 per month instead of € 26.89 per month.

To subscribe to the Canal + and Disney + offer, follow this link

The Disney + catalog is well stocked and it is not necessarily easy to decide on what you want to watch first. But do not worry, we have provided you with an update on the different films and series that the platform offers. In the slideshow below, you can discover a selection of content not to be missed in the library available on Disney + in France. To do this, simply click on the image that appears below this paragraph.

The Disney + application can be found on many media, starting with computers where it can be accessed directly via browser. It is also downloadable on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the App Store or the Google Play Store. Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles also offer viewing content on Disney +. Finally, smart TV connected televisions also have the possibility of downloading the application or even integrating it into a shortcut on the home page.

To take advantage of Disney + with 7 days free trial, click here

What to watch on Disney +? A selection by age

Let’s start with the children under five. Since it is better to regulate their time fairly strictly in front of the screens, we offer a selection of short films that they might like. First of all, we recommend the collection “Mickey through time” which offers a playlist of all the short films in which Mickey has been since the beginnings of Disney productions. These short films are generally between 8 and 10 minutes long and are all fun to watch. We think in particular of Steamboat Willie, Mickey in the Middle Ages or the series of short films “Mickey Mouse in short films” composed of 5 seasons of small sketches of 5-6 minutes. Other short films have also been produced by Pixar, such as La Luna or Piper and Luxo Jr. Perfect for keeping the little ones occupied for a few minutes in front of Disney +.

Between 6 and 10 years old, now is the time to tackle series and feature films! At Disney, animation films are to be favored: Vaiana, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, The Snow Queen, Rapunzel … The choice is great. As a parent, just pay attention to the sensitivity of the little ones who might be impressed by slightly darker or scary sequences. We think of scenes in films like Taram and the magic cauldron, Basile private detective or perhaps in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Pixar animation films are also good ideas with feature films such as Toy Story, Cars, 1001 paws, Le Monde de Nemo or Ratatouille and Les Indestructibles. Perhaps keep Up there for slightly older children. Finally, on the series side, there is an embarrassment of choice with the animation series from Marvel or even Disney with for example La Bande à Picsou (old and new version are available on Disney +), Docteur la peluche or Tic and Tac the risk rangers as well as Phineas and Ferb.

Between 10 and 12 years old, we can advise in addition to the previously mentioned films from series like Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars, animal documentaries like Penguins, Felines, Elephants or even Giants of the Seas, but also some of the live-action feature films from the Disney + catalog like The beautiful and the tramp, The Jungle Book or The 101 Dalmatians. Also to test, Honey, I shrunk the kids, George from the jungle. We will also recommend films like Anastasia, Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit or Sister Act. Some Marvel action movies or even Star Wars movies are also quite recommendable for those ages.

From 12 years old, the whole Disney + catalog seems to be accessible. Remember that the objective of the platform is precisely to be family oriented. It is therefore with the family that we can watch the Star Wars series The Mandalorian but also the X-Men films from the catalog. All Marvel movies are also recommendable from this age group, which will allow you to enjoy movies ranging from Captain America to Avengers through Doctor Strange.

What content exclusive to Disney +?

At the launch in France, Disney + offers its subscribers to discover 26 so-called “Disney + Originals” content, which means that they are exclusive to the subscription streaming platform. At the moment, none has as much impact as the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, four episodes of which are already available while the last four will be broadcast every Friday on Disney +. Note also that a seventh and final season of Star Wars Clone Wars is also currently airing on Disney +.

Disney’s subscription streaming platform also offers films for families to discover. Let us quote for example Togo with Willem Dafoe which is inspired by the same true story as the film Balot. Beauty and the tramp also offers a new youth with a remake in real shooting. We can also discover the American teenage romance Stargirl as well as Timmy Failure, the story of a little boy who dreams of being a great detective accompanied by his polar bear.

A number of documentaries are also featured in the Disney + catalog. Let us quote for example the series The World according to Jeff Goldblum where the actor leaves to discovered the world and the things which fascinate him. The series of three documentaries “Once upon a time there was the Imagineers” also allows you to go behind the scenes of Disney amusement parks to discover how attractions are created by engineers. Side animal documentaries, we can also watch Elephants which happens to be told in original version by Meghan Markle, just that.

Take advantage of Disney + features

New platform, new habits. Disney + offers a number of features that we are not necessarily used to. Among these, the “Bonus” tab which allows subscribers to dive a little deeper into the content they like. Whether it’s trailers, special interviews or cut scenes and making-of, there is plenty to do to go further once you have finished watching your movie. For example, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs offers many bonuses, therefore documentaries and making of as well as an alternative sequence and a cut scene!

Another interesting element in the Disney + catalog: the organization of content in collections. Are you mainly interested in Disney productions? Or rather Marvel content? You can directly filter your desires from the main menu. Also note that if you click on the “Search” tab, you will get a list of all available collections. Among these, a selection of Disney Channel content, films and series of Disney princesses but also content related to X-Men, Toy Story or Cars or Mickey. On our side, we use a lot the collection “Disney over the decades” which lists all Disney productions, whether short films or animated films or even full-length films in live action, classified by decades. Perfect for a nostalgic return to childhood.

Note also that Disney + offers the possibility for each subscriber account to watch content on four screens simultaneously, which therefore allows you to share your account with family members without risking having your viewing interrupted. Also, be aware that it is possible to create a total of seven profiles per Disney + subscriber account. This allows you to create and maintain a playlist and personalized suggestions for each of these profiles.

In the profile creation menu on Disney +, you can also activate the profile mode for children which will display an interface as well as adapted content. In a children’s profile, Disney + offers different categories, notably highlighting films and series linked to Mickey or Disney princesses. There are numerous Disney animation classics and cartoons in general, as do the Disney Channel series and short films produced by Pixar and Disney.

It is also possible to modify the subtitling when viewing Disney + to, for example, increase the size of the subtitles. Once the video is launched, click on the bubble dedicated to the subtitles at the top right of the screen. Once the screen allows you to choose the language of the version as well as that of the subtitles, you must click on the toothed wheel at the top right of the screen. This shows you what subtitles look like today. The options below allow you to change their size as well as their font or even their background to make them even more visible.

learn more about Disney +

Disney + offers lower prices than its main competitor, Netflix. Good news for subscribers who may consider Disney + as a complementary application to the streaming giant. In France, the Disney + subscription is set at a price of € 6.99 per month. The annual subscription is more attractive since it costs € 69.99 (i.e. two months free) instead of € 83.88 / year. As a reminder, Disney + offers a free seven-day trial. Click here for details of Disney + rates.

To register for Disney +, click on this link.

Partner of Disney +, Canal + offers its subscribers to take advantage of the new subscription streaming service. Remember that it is still quite possible to subscribe only to Disney + via a separate application, but some Canal subscribers are entitled to the catalog for free. This is the case for subscribers to the Integral, Integral + and Ciné Séries Pack offers who can take advantage of the Disney + subscription. In addition, for subscribers to the Family Pack and Canal + Pack offers, Disney + is offered to them for 12 months. Future Canal + subscribers can also benefit from Disney + in certain offers at preferential rates, until June 3, 2020. Find details of Canal + offers including Disney +. For those who do not wish to subscribe to Canal + offers but who wish to take advantage of the catalog of the new streaming platform, there is no obligation: it is possible to benefit from Disney + only thanks to the specially created application .

Regulars of subscription streaming offers probably know that it is often possible to enjoy viewing on multiple screens. Disney + also offers this possibility since the subscription allows you to watch on four different screens simultaneously. Handy when you don’t want to look at the same things as children for example. Note also that each subscriber account has the possibility of creating seven different profiles in order to separate the playlists of each member of the family.

For the French launch of its streaming service, Disney offers more than 500 films and more than 130 series, including 26 original Disney + creations, or less content than the American catalog launched in November 2019. Studio fans will find all the big ones animation classics from the firm to Mickey, as well as most of the Pixar films (with the exception of the most recent) or the Star Wars saga, not counting episode 8 and 9. Most of the films produced by Disney, like Pirate of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia, or several Marvel movies are also available. As a reminder, Disney recently concluded the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, its assets and its production capacities. In terms of original content, we can count on the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian created by Jon Favreau. A High School Musical series is also visible on Disney +. Find the complete Disney + catalog.

To access Disney + in France, simply go to the platform’s official website or access it via the various application stores. Note that the streaming platform is accessible via smartphones, tablets, consoles, computers, connected TVs, etc. On Canal +, Disney + is accessible via the dedicated application, MyCanal, or channel 16.

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