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‘Epa Colombia’ ventured through the Instagram account of his kertatinas company, @ epa_keratinas100k, where he has more than 2.1 million followers.

The businesswoman made a whole story through multiple publications in her stories, where he implied that he was the victim of embezzlement in his business.

Even so, he warned that he will appeal to evidence to tell in detail what happened in the organization, which recently received a visit from the National Tax and Customs Department (DIAN).

‘Epa Colombia’: what did he say about embezzlement and treason in his business

The Bogota woman began this download with a text in which she reflected her annoyance and frustration from Instagram.

“I’d rather they be loyal to me than they love me. I fell, but one day I will tell how God raised me and you will soon know what happened to me. Today I wanted to die. Pig money, ”he wrote.

After that, he appeared in a video in which he had a sad face and where his story began, without giving further details.

“I do know who is going to take care of my company, and it is your friend, you are going to regulate the prices of my company, you are going to supervise my distributors, in the prices, in the application, in the guarantees, so that I can continue growing, ”he explained.

There, the woman continued. “You are going to help me to continue being that successful businesswoman, that enterprising woman who goes to work every day because every day I show you ‘berraquera’ and entrepreneurship. I have never shown you anything but work and you are going to help me ”.

Although he did not specifically explain the situation, he did ask the people who work in his organization for support through their attitude.

“I hope that these days the distributors support me too much and do not fight because one of them sells more than the other, or because the other was copied from the idea or from the hairdresser. Don’t cause me any more problems, I have so many, help me to keep growing“, He indicated.

The ‘influencer’, in the middle of her speech, warned that she will find the answer to what happened and what happened, but that for now she is not going to cry, fight or make scandals.

“I’m going to show you with tests so that when you have a company, what happened to me doesn’t happen to you, perhaps due to lack of knowledge or not finding the right people,” he said.

‘Epa Colombia’ hinted at the situation that would have affected his company, although he did not specify on that. “We are in a world where filthy money betrays you, where you believe that people are faithful and firm, but they help you is to embezzle your company,” he said.

The businesswoman, who recently made fun of Alejandra Azcárate, thanked those who buy his products because otherwise “I don’t know what would have happened to my company”, to which he added “What will happen to the companies that are starting up and this is happening to them?”.

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The Bogota woman concluded: “Now I understand why there are no companies in Colombia, now I understand why it is so difficult to undertake, but good friend, I don’t know all of them.”

This is the speech of ‘Epa Colombia’ from his Instagram, which was replicated on YouTube.


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