What did the Director of Police and delegates from the First Line talk about?

After strong questioning, the appointment finally took place: the director of the Police, General Henry Sanabria, held a meeting with members of the so-called First Line.

The meeting took place in the city of Neiva and was attended by both members of the group created in the midst of the demonstrations and supporters of the current government. Likewise, it was attended by representatives of the UN Office for Human Rights in Colombia.

As revealed by Senator Gustavo Bolívar, of the Historical Pact, the appointment lasted more than four hours. However, the secrecy after the meeting was practically absolute. Although this newspaper contacted the Ministry of Defense and the Police, neither of the two entities issued information about the meeting.

However, local media reported that members of the front lines from different parts of the country asked General Sanabria to promote reforms within the Public Force.

Although it has been speculated that the members of the First Line could have a direct impact on the reforms that the National Government is already enlisting for the Public Force, those who have been close to these dialogues have ruled out this possibility.

“The contacts between the First Line and the Police are only intended to listen to each other, to relax. Total peace must include the street,” Bolívar warned recently.

In turn, this week the possibility began to be considered that several interlocutors from the front lines attend the Congress facilities. Apparently, his intervention would be made with the aim of requesting the release of several of his companions, who were captured and accused of different crimes in the framework of the National Strike protests.

The legitimacy that they are being given as political actors did not sit well with the opposition, which has already flatly rejected the possibility of them attending legislative sessions. “If they go, the relatives of the murdered and wounded police officers must go, including the family of the CTI agent from Cali,” assured the senator of the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal.

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