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In a video of one minute and 25 seconds published by the candidate for the United States Congress, María Elvira Salazar, the “admiration” and “appreciation” of the former president and head of the Álvaro Uribe Democratic Center for his aspiration was recorded.

The video was published this Monday and appears to be a talk promoted by Congressman Juan David Vélez, an Uribista and representative to the Chamber for Colombians abroad, in which the candidate for the US Congress and the former Colombian president participated.

In the images, Uribe is heard telling Salazar that “he has strong, firm convictions,” something that “not everyone” has in politics, and that he has “something very scarce, which is character. It is a projection of a public career to serve the United States well at a time when its ideas are needed by the entire continent. “

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“María Elvira, we admire her, we appreciate her, we thank her with all our hearts. You, with your character, the knowledge of the subjects, the vigor with which you express yourself, are a great example. We want to see her in the United States Congress, we need her, ”says the former president to the candidate.

Salazar thanks Uribe for her words, tells him they fill her “with pride” and tells him that he is “one of the greats” in Latin America. “You are my example for me to continue fighting that same fight that you had,” the candidate tells the former president.

The candidate, who in the past worked as a journalist, has been characterized by her rejection of leftist proposals and has rejected several of these ideologies in some Latin American countries.

The video was also released by Colombian opposition congressmen such as Senator Iván Cepeda, who affirmed that “the intervention of @CeDemocratico continues in US elections: former Senator Álvaro Uribe invites you to vote for Republican candidate María Elvira Salazar.”

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Cepeda plans to hold a political control debate this Wednesday, in the Second Committee of the Senate, to the chancellor, Claudia Blum, to investigate the alleged interference of the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Pacho Santos, in the presidential campaign of that country.

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