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Mexico City.- If a credit card arrives at your address to replace the one you have because it expired or because you asked for a change in the plastic (for example, address or category), activate it to continue using your credit.

But if you receive a credit card, either from the same bank where you have your account or from another institution, and you DID NOT apply for it, attention, you can put yourself (yourself) in a very unfavorable situation for your pocket. Read on to avoid it.

Why did I get a credit card that I didn’t ask for?
Perhaps more than once you have received an envelope containing a card with the following legend:

Activate your card and sign it immediately! ” Call toll free at …
“Enjoy the benefits of this card for free, activate it and sign it”
“To enjoy the benefits of this card, it is necessary that you activate it by calling the phone …”
This card is inactive, for security! To activate it, contact … “

Why do you have your name and your address if you never requested that plastic? If you are a customer of the bank, perhaps they themselves have included you in a promotion of this type, because they consider you a good candidate. But it is also not uncommon for financial institutions to exchange certain information, and as a consequence, people receive credit cards and credit promotions at home that they never asked for.

In any case, the “best” thing that can happen to you is that the credit card reaches the recipientOtherwise, it could start to generate charges for annual fees, interest, commissions and / or collection expenses and you without knowing it. Or more serious, it may happen that a stranger receives the credit card and misuses it, damaging the cardholder’s credit history among other serious problems.

What about a credit card that came to your house and you never applied for?
It will be inactive until you activate it, but it will NOT be canceled, be careful! there are some cases that could be misleading and harmful if you don’t take your precautions.

TIP: Open the envelope (that does not mean that you will activate the card) and check if somewhere there is also a legend that says “if the credit card is not activated before 3 or 4 days after the date of receipt of the card, it will be activated automatically.”

When you receive a credit card that you did not ask for, it is best to call the bank immediately, to communicate the fact and your decision.

What should I do if a credit card that I did not request arrived at my address?
As we have said, the first thing is to receive the card (so that no one else has it in their possession and misuses it), but do not activate it.

By official provision, Banco de México obliges banking institutions to require authorization from users to activate any credit card and it can NEVER be activated if the holder does not give consent and there is no request and / or contract signed with the institution that grants the credit card.

Once the envelope is in your hands, proceed as follows:

Do not activate it. Call the banking institution and write down the details of the people you are attending, as well as the date and time.
Explicitly clarify that you did NOT request the card and for that reason you DO NOT want to activate it. Say clearly that you want to cancel it.
If they are too insistent to try to convince you or they don’t want to cancel it, NEVER activate it. Hang up and retry the call a little later. Always write down the report number they give you on each call.
If you cannot cancel it by phone, go directly to the bank branch with a letter addressed to the institution where you explain the situation (that you did not request the card and for that reason you will not activate it and you wish to cancel it). In branch they must cancel it.
If after having done both processes the bank still refuses to cancel it or, you receive account statements for this card, go to the Condusef to proceed with a complaint against the banking institution. Remember that for the credit card to be valid there are two essential requirements: 1) that there is a contract or request, and 2) that there is an authorization from the holder to activate the card.

Should I use a credit card that has arrived at my address?
It depends. Perhaps it is a promotion from your same bank as always or from someone else that considers you a good candidate for a plastic. But since it is a product that you did not ask for, it is most likely that you do not need it and you do not have parameters to compare if it is what is best for you.

Before activating the card, analyze basic aspects such as:

Do I really need another (or that) credit card?
What benefits does this specific card give you?
What are the commissions it charges you, is it paid an annuity?
Do you currently have the ability to pay to have another credit card? If you already have another one (s).
Remember that, if you receive a card and have not requested it, the Condusef recommends immediately contacting the institution in order to cancel it and thus avoid the possibility of generating a debit. Leaving a process like this unfinished is equivalent to having bad surprises in the future.

In the event that by your own decision you choose to use it, sign it and call the telephone number that appears on the label to find out which branch to go through your contract and they will explain the payment deadline, cut-off date and characteristics.

If a credit card arrives that you did not request, does it affect the credit bureau?
Probably. If you are not interested in using the credit card but you received it without asking for it, you MUST cancel it, as we have commented, because leaving the process unfinished could end up getting into debt and staining your credit history without you having done anything.

How? If for some reason the plastic is activated, for example if more than 4 days pass and it is activated automatically, it will begin to generate commissions for the holder. Perhaps the person is even unaware that there is this credit card in his name, does not pay, does not cancel the plastic and time passes. The grave? That the commissions of the card that are not paid, become negative records in the Credit Bureau of the holder, and that could damage the request for future credits.

ADVICE: You can also verify if a credit card in your name was activated without your consent, requesting a free Special Credit Report. If there you detect a debt for a card that you do not know, you can also file a claim with the Credit Bureau, with the main argument that you do not know the debt, since you never signed a contract with the bank to obtain a credit card.

Whether you decide to cancel or keep it, never stop reporting your decision to the issuing bank, to avoid any setback, such as an improper charge and request clarifications. In any case, it is necessary that they give you a folio number, as well as a document indicating that said credit was canceled, or an adhesion contract if you agreed to keep the credit card.

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