What do Republicans think about Trump’s stubbornness?

While the American president still denies his defeat in the presidential election and multiplies the legal remedies, he retains the support of most elected officials and Republican voters, observes the conservative press. But the critics are heard, even within his camp.

More than two weeks have passed since the presidential election, and Donald Trump has still not acknowledged his defeat, announced by the American media on November 7.

“How do the Republicans in Congress see the situation?” wonders the Washington Examiner. According to the conservative weekly, most Republican senators and deputies “Are not particularly worried” that Trump did not concede victory to Joe Biden. Nor are they opposed to the current US president “Initiate legal proceedings, even if these have no chance of altering the election results”. They don’t care that Trump “Did not ensure a smooth transition of power”. And they think especially of Georgia, where two seats remain to be filled in a second round in January to decide on the control of the Senate.

If the tenant of the White House multiplies the legal remedies, it is not “Because he firmly believes he can beat Biden”, add the Washington Examiner, but because he feels the need “To fight hard for the 73 million Americans who voted for him”. According to a Republican senator interviewed by the weekly, it is important for Trump to distance himself from previous defeated Republican presidential candidates – Mitt Romney and John McCain – who have disappointed Republican voters.

According to the conservative press, the Democrats also have their share of responsibility for the current situation. For the chronicler of


Nicolas Coisplet

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