What do you do if your child is infected with the new variant of Corona?… Health is suspended

Written by Walid Abdel Salam

Monday, February 06, 2023 12:26 PM

She said Ministry of Health And the population, that a series of health instructions must be followed when children are infected with the Corona virus, especially the new variant of the virus, the first of which is to follow the same methods that are dealt with with adults and to expedite the consultation of the specialized doctor.

Ministry said the health And the population: It should be ensured that the symptoms are related to infection with the Corona virus specifically, while doing home isolation and adhering to medicines and healthy nutrition, while following all precautionary measures for the rest of the family members.

The Ministry confirmed that people who did not show symptoms of infection with the Corona virus are less likely to transmit the virus than those who show symptoms, and vaccines are still the first line of defense to prevent infection relatively, as well as the absence of new mutants of the virus, and care must be taken to take the vaccine and its doses. refresher.

Dr. Hossam Hosni, head of the scientific committee to combat Corona at the Ministry of Health and Population, said: “If the opportunity arises for any virus, it multiplies and makes copies of itself, so its genetic makeup changes sometimes, which is considered a natural matter, and this is known as a genetic mutation, and the more it becomes widespread, the more it multiplies and does not lead to these changes.” Significant changes in the virus in its infectivity or in causing disease in a person.

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar added: “The new mutant is a sub-strain of the Omicron mutant strain, and the new mutant can grow and transmit rapidly compared to other strains.”

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