What does excessive sweating refer to?

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Many people suffer from the problem of excessive sweating. It is that a person sweats in normal conditions and excessively cold weather.

In this regard. Dr. Zahra Pavlova explained. Endocrinologist at the Science and Research Center of Moscow University. What does excessive sweating refer to. She indicated that sweating is a natural phenomenon when a person engages in any physical activity or exercise in hot weather. It is a way to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. But sweating in normal circumstances. It indicates a defect in the work of the endocrine system in the body.

The doctor said: “Often hyperhidrosis accompanies thyroid diseases and that excessive sweating of women (30-40 years old) in the cold indicates an imbalance in the balance of the sex hormone estradiol.” “Not only the amount of sweat, but also the special smell it emits indicates the development of endocrine diseases,” she added.

She adds: “A clear, strong masculine smell indicates an imbalance of DHT. Some believe that this smell is evidence of masculinity. But for an endocrinologist and urologist. It is a sign that the endocrine glands most susceptible to the effects of DHT, including the prostate, are functioning normally. If a man takes a shower and puts on clean clothes, after ten minutes this smell appears again. He should consult an endocrinologist and perform the necessary tests to prevent complications. Because if the hormonal imbalance is not treated. For example, it may lead to hair loss. Oily skin, acne, as well as an enlarged prostate.

For women, the smell of sweat indicates certain diseases and hormonal imbalance. According to the doctor, excessive sweating can lead to bacterial and fungal skin lesions.

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