What does Konfío, the new Mexican ‘unicorn’, do? – The financial

This Wednesday, the company Konfío became the fourth ‘unicorn’ in Mexico by reaching a valuation of 1.3 billion dollars after a new round of financing.

But what does this company do? We tell you everything about her:

  • Konfío is a financial technology company.
  • Started operations in 2014.
  • Its office is located in Mexico City.
  • It was founded by Mexicans David Arana and Francisco Padilla, experts in financial services and technology, respectively.
  • Its objective is that small and medium-sized companies have access to agile credit and tools that will boost their growth, according to their website.
  • Its team is made up of experts in the areas of technology, finance, marketing, data science and economists. They work in multidisciplinary groups to create solutions.
  • Among its values, Konfío highlights its speed: “We develop rapid processes that allow (companies) to access credit for working capital, to cover immediate business requirements.”
  • Trust is another of its values, according to its website: “Our process is completely transparent, with the aim that our clients feel secure when sharing their data with us and feel secure in the credit they are going to receive. Our clients know the conditions of their credit before signing a contract ”.
  • Likewise, the company seeks to have an impact on the country’s economy: “Our actions are focused on becoming a strategic ally of SMEs and boosting the Mexican economy.”

The companies ‘unicorn’ are those that achieve a valuation of one billion dollars. They are characterized by providing some service related to technology, so most of them are startups.


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