What does Mac support for facial recognition mean?

The latest reports revealed the plans Apple company To support Mac devices in the coming years with facial recognition technology, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg revealed Apple’s preparations to bring the facial recognition system into Mac devices, provided that the technology is advanced within the next two years.

While reports revealed that Apple plans to bring Face ID technology to most of the company’s products in the end, after it introduced the technology in iPhone phones, it is expected that the company’s low-cost versions of the iPhone SE series of phones, as well as iPad Air devices later, will support facial recognition technology, as an alternative to the recognition technology. The fingerprint currently used in these versions.

The report also added that Apple would later adopt the camera design in the hole in the screen, which will be the main point of difference between the premium devices and the low-cost phones that come with a notch in the screen for the front camera.

It is noteworthy that the facial recognition system enhances the protection standards in Apple devices better, and also supports augmented reality technology, and Gurman stressed that the delay in using the technology in Mac computers is due to the thin design of the screens of devices with which it is difficult to add the Face ID system.


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