What does Max Verstappen need to be champion in Saudi Arabia?

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The upswing you have experienced Lewis Hamilton In the last two races, which he won, it may not be of much use if a series of factors are combined on December 5 in Saudi Arabia, the penultimate date of the season of the Formula 1, where Max Verstappen has the mathematical possibility of being crowned.

Although it looks complex ‘a priori’, the numbers indicate that Verstappen could be champion on the new Jeddah Street Circuit, thanks to his 351.5 points in the year, 8 more than the seven-time F1 champion.

To be champion on the next date, the Dutch driver will have to think about finishing either in the first or second position, and the rest will depend on what Hamilton can do.

The stages:

  • If Verstappen finishes first and makes the fastest lap: Hamilton must finish sixth or behind.
  • If Verstapen is first without fastest lap: Hamilton should finish seventh or behind.
  • If Verstappen finishes second and makes the fastest lap: Hamilton should finish 10th or behind.
  • If Verstappen is only second with no fastest lap: Hamilton shall not score.

Verstappen without opportunities?

The dominance that has shown Lewis Hamilton in the last two dates he brought Ralf Schumacher, Michael’s brother, who Max Verstappen he has no chance of winning the drivers’ title this season.

“Mercedes has a much better car right now. Max gives his all and shows how good he is. But under normal circumstances, however, you have no chance“, said Schumacher to Sky Sports.


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