What does the head of Marketing and Communication of Credit of the House recommend to read? – 01/08/2021

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He brain it is the engine of human behavior. Therefore, understanding how it works improves the quality of life and, in turn, achieve good management of work teams in the office.

Through examples from daily life and work, and the conjugation of the Social psychology and the neuroscience, the book Using the Argentine brain Facundo Manes It is “interesting to deepen about behavior and social interaction.” So sums it up Boris Goldenberg, Head of Marketing and Communication of House Credit (Santander Group) and professor at the Faculty of Communication and Design of the ORT Uruguay University.

«It is a book that promotes happiness and peace of mind. At the workplace level, the correct and true understanding of the circuits that occur in the human brain, allows, in the first place, a harmonious management of the work teams and their leadership ”, he valued.

Manes, who is a neurologist and neuroscientist, develops concepts such as functioning and types of memory, the resilience and the notion of the “addicted brain” and its relationship with the reward circuits revealed by neuroscience.

“The correct and true understanding of the circuits that occur in the human brain, allows, in the first place, a harmonious management of the work teams and their leadership”, said Goldenberg about the contribution of the book

One aspect that applies to the world of work is the relationship between cooperation with the community and reputation of the individual. “In other words, what are the emotional mechanisms that occur in the mind that make when we cooperate in a public and individual way we do it much more consciously than when we do it in a group, where we tend to be more intuitive or automatic,” he explained Goldenberg, who is interested in the science of human behavior and studies of human behavior. consumer.

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In this sense, the book was valuable for him to work on strategies for the different audiences of the company and the design of messages that manage to break the barrier of “selective memory.” Also, to understand the psychological effects of crisis, manage within that framework and try to get away with it.

Your next reading is between A promised land, from the former US president Barack Obama and My story, his wife’s book Michelle Obama. “We’ll see who wins,” he closed.

Reading preferences

Favorite genre?
History or social psychology.
How many books do you read a year?
Four or five.
Best time to read?
Fiction or non-fiction?
Do you lend your books?
Presto and they were always returned to me.
On what occasions do you give books away?
On birthdays. I am a sure gift to my mother; As a good history teacher, she is passionate about reading. Also gift in the dynamic of invisible friend of the end of the year, if I know that the person likes to read.
E-book or enterprise format?
Printed, I like to hold the book in my hands. Reading on the screen tires me too much.
Do you annotate or underline?
I underline, with pencil. I like to have concepts or ideas “close at hand” that I have found interesting, and I’m afraid of not finding them if at some point I need to go back to them. I am one of those who use appointments or sections in classes and also in some work presentations.
A bookstore abroad?
The Athenaeum, in Buenos Aires.
A book with an unexpected ending?
Tell me who I amby Julia Navarro.
The most faithful movie to a book?
The reader, by Bernhard Schlink.
Favorite childhood book?
Untitled book, by Ana Vinocur.

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