What does this statement mean in city hospitals? Secretary of Health explains

December 15, 2020 – 01:42 pm

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The Cali hospital network, both public and private, will enter a red alert in the next few hours, as The mayor of the city, Jorge Iván Ospina, anticipated it on Monday night.

The mayor explained through Twitter that the health situation caused by the covid and the “burden of disease caused by the closure of services during the quarantine” caused the occupation of the Intensive Care Units, ICU, in the city to reach numbers critics.

This indicator reached 90.7% this Monday. Although the beds assigned only to suspected and confirmed covid patients are at 68.4%, the risk of a regrowth and the lack of an ICU for other types of pathologies has the authorities concerned. But it is not the only thing.

The reasons for the red alert

“There are several indicators that are taken into account to make decisions and according to this we are taking certain measures,” said the Secretary of Health of Cali, Miyerlandi Torres Agredo on Tuesday.

The official explained that the first variable to take into account is the Rt or transmission speed (effective number of reproduction).

“The Rt today in Cali is at 1.13. That means that, out of every 10 infected people, 11 more new people are becoming infected. We are not controlling the pandemic,” Torres Agredo explained.

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The second indicator is the aforementioned ICU occupancy and hospitalization percentage, which in the city is already slightly above 90%.

“We had a meeting with the directors of the high complexity clinics in the city, they showed us a real panorama of how the clinics are, and indeed there is a high concern based on the capacity we have to respond to the community in general”, asserted the secretary.

The third indicator, according to the official, “is the number of deaths and fatality. In the last 20 days, approximately, with a number of deaths above 12, 13, one day we reached 21 cases, figures that are not known. they had been driving since August. “

The sum of these three factors are what led the Administration to make the decision to declare the red alert.

What steps will be taken?

The red alert not only implies an alarm signal, but also the possibility of adopting more drastic measures at different levels to stop the spread of the virus.

The public health sector, in individual matters, will proceed to hold meetings with the Health Providers Companies, EPS, strengthen the response for telephone calls, follow up on individual cases and isolate close contacts of positive cases of covid-19 .

Regarding the collective, the Health portfolio will proceed to provide accompaniment to homes, high-risk groups, and places such as prisons and nursing homes.

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Finally, in relation to the intersectoral strategy, efforts will be joined between the Administration departments to take restrictive measures such as curfew, dry and peak law, and ID.

In addition, from the hospital institutions, surgical procedures that are not urgent will be postponed, progress with de-staging and expand the expansion areas of the ICUs.

“All this set of actions and interventions are those that the decree of the red alert in Cali will contain,” said the secretary.

Responsibility and self-care

Torres Agredo called on the public to take the necessary precautions in order to prevent the situation from getting worse.

“We had been announcing it for several days: if we did not take care of ourselves we had to reach restrictive measures, which was what we did not want and even less at this Christmas season,” he said.

He assured that the messages “have been enough” and it is time to make decisions, because “ICUs are dealing with the pandemic, with covid patients, but they must also now attend to all those people with chronic diseases who were not treated in a timely manner. for being postponed and rescheduled. The hospitalization services are congested by these two situations. “

“We must be supportive and collaborate in self-care, in the responsibility that we have from the individual point of view and be responsible with our loved ones. We want a quiet Christmas and fewer patients in the ICU,” he said.


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