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Who remember Jhoel HerreraDuring his time in professional football, his good game and the claw he imposed on each play to defend the colors of the clubs where he played stand out, just as he did wearing the shirt of the Peruvian team.

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Born in Pisco, Ica, Jhoel came to play for Sporting Cristal, Alianza Lima, Universitario de Deportes and Real Garcilaso, among other cadres, and also played for Belchatów in Poland. With the national bicolor he debuted in 2007.

Two years ago Jhoel Herrera He left the football activity in the first division, but he is not separated from his profession.

Defender of the environment

In the district of Window, where he lives now, promotes various actions in favor of Environmental Conservation, which is why he considers it essential that all people have access to environmental education. “Only then will we become aware of the importance of caring for the environment”he commented.

Jhoel tells how the initiative of planting plants on a piece of land next to his house, which is considered a green area, but which did not have a single tree planted until April 2020.

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“We knew that the land was considered a green area for the community, and that the planting and maintenance had to be done by the municipality, but in all this time it was abandoned. Within a few weeks of the quarantine due to the pandemic, I started planting some plants. I believe that we all must collaborate with our community “, he pointed.

His followers on social networks, upon learning of this initiative, suggested that he plant plants that do not need a lot of water to grow and that are species native to the country.

(Photo: Ministry of the Environment)

“My neighbors joined the initiative and now the land with the plants is used by the community. I have planted geraniums, cacti, yuccas, and a creeping plant known as runs “He added, after recalling that his mother was the one who instilled in him a love for plants and caring for the environment.

Against sea pollution

Jhoel calls on the population to “Banish the consumption of single-use plastic, since they take many years to degrade, pollute our sea and cause the death of fish and other species”.

Although for now it is not allowed to enter the Beaches, due to the pandemic, suggests that, before entering these natural spaces, families, especially girls and boys, should receive talks on the care of these ecosystems. That will allow them in the future to become responsible adults who know how to take care of their city, their country and their planet, he said.

“It is not possible for the beaches to find diapers, plastic bags, clearings and even construction materials”, stressed the former member of the Peruvian soccer team.

Reusable bags

The well-known soccer player also relates that he uses cloth bags to do his shopping and a stroller to go to the market. Along these lines, she maintains that this type of habit will contribute to “more Peruvians becoming aware of the need to stop consuming single-use plastic and to use masks and other reusable products.”

The former Peruvian national says that currently, together with the board of directors of his community, they are organizing themselves to have places to recycle plastic, cardboard and other usable waste.

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