What exercises are safe during pregnancy and how to do them at home

An expert explains why (supervised) sport is beneficial during pregnancy and what are the best exercises that can be performed

Updated 12/10/2020 21:37

Did you know to exercise during pregnancy may avoid excess weight, the appearance of gestational diabetes, improve low back pain and mobility usually? We have sought advice from those who know the most about what the exercises recommended and how can we practice them safely without leaving home.

Watch out. Do not move. I already take it. They are phrases that no matter how much a pregnant woman claims to be well, she receives at every moment. Although there are fewer and fewer traces of that courtesy that surrounds the pregnancy and it really limits the spontaneity of the women’s movement. In fact, the idea of ​​a routine adapted to that stage in a woman’s life is becoming more and more established, where exercise not only has a place but also becomes essential. Many celebrities, as Pilar Rubio, have proven to be an example of it. And it is that if there are no medical guidelines that indicate otherwise, during pregnancy it is advisable to maintain an active life and exercise as much as possible.

Do exercise during pregnancy It is not only recommended but also provides many benefits such as prevent excess weight and the appearance of gestational diabetes, improve low back pain and also mobility usually. Paloma Castro, a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor and an instructor for hypopressives and active pregnancy classes at Entrena Virtual tells us about it, the low cost fitness platform that Vikika Costa, the famous fit influencer, launched with her husband Javier Menndez in 2020.

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Experts insist that exercise not recommended in patients whose doctor has indicated rest absolute or relative, heart problems, bleeding, pre-eclampsia, suspected fetal distress, risk of premature delivery, ruptured bursa, or severe contractions. And if there is any doubt about its suitability, it is best to consult with the doctor so that they supervise if the exercises that they intend to carry out are appropriate to the stage of pregnancy and the personal conditions of each one.

A few months ago, during her fourth pregnancy, Pilar Rubio He published some videos on his social networks that caused a sensation. In them she was seen in top shape wearing a belly as her pregnancy progressed, adapting the exercises to each cycle. There were those who were really surprised by the exercises they did, but the celebrity practices a lot of sport in her day to day and start from a different physical condition than someone who leads a sedentary life or practices it from time to time.

It is important to know where you start in the pregnancy, because a sedentary woman is not the same as an elite athlete or an occasional fan of sports. Depending on this, some exercises or others can be established. “The important thing is to combine mobility training and stretching with strength and resistance and, lastly, cardio for a complete workout”, Paloma tells us. “The exercise that every pregnant woman should do will be a body awareness job to be aware of your new Body and your new needs. And secondly, staying active to improve the birthing process “, emphasizes the expert.

Specialized in pregnancy and postpartum, she teaches classes on the virtual platform for 45 minutes to teach the tools with which to carry out a pregnancy in an agile and mobile way, reducing the ailments caused in pregnancy and keeping you in shape. “We also give them guidelines for improve at the time of dilation and pushing thanks to exercises of respiration and pelvic floor that are very necessary in pregnancy and postpartum “, says Paloma Castro.

It’s very important work globality, both arms and legs, and abdomen. The body is constantly changing and it is necessary to adapt to it. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the whole body, without forgetting the emotional part, the connection with oneself and with your baby. Be key to improve wellness physical and emotional. “The hug to the baby, that is to say, the activation of the transverse is very important for the development of all the exercises”.

From Entrena Virtual, classes for pregnant women can be done at any time and place without limits, in a complete and dynamic way. It works from the first trimester to the time of delivery, as long as the person conducting the classes is physically and psychologically trained. Users agree that their lower back pain has improved, they are more agile, and they have learned about their posture and pelvic floor.


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