What few knew about Maradona, El Pibe de Oro

Diego Maradona was more than just a soccer legend, he was a soccer God. The Argentine footballer was, without a doubt, one of the best in history. The number 10 had it all: impressive ball control, unique dribbling ability, speed, vision of the game and creativity. Maradona was both physically and technically spectacular, and he had a huge personality.

He had ups and downs, from addiction to illegal substances to his famous “hand of God”, going through a total triumph as a footballer and even as “god” of his own church. In reviewing his life, on and off the field, we can safely say that Maradona was a true icon. In 2020, at the age of 60, he passed away, and his death surprised many. He died of heart failure two weeks after undergoing brain surgery due to a bruise. The medical care provided to him was reportedly “riddled with deficiencies and irregularities.”

Click on the gallery and get to know the Pibe de Oro better.

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