what future for consumption habits boosted by the Covid?

THE NEW DESIRES OF THE FRENCH (3/6) – The health crisis has encouraged the emergence of new behaviors among consumers. It remains to be seen whether these are underlying trends.

After more than a year of health restrictions, constraints that have forced them to adapt their lifestyle, the French are finding a little freedom. What will they keep from this crisis, from their new habits? What are their plans? Under what conditions will they be able to carry them out? These are the questions that Le Figaro seeks to answer in a series of surveys.

A shortage of flour, a constant waltz of meal delivery men who roam the streets of major French cities, an undeniable interest in local production … The year 2020, punctuated by three confinements and several months of curfew, has changed the consumption habits of the French. It crystallized trends that were already well and truly present but, at a time of deconfinement and a summer where a wind of newfound freedom could finally blow, will the French return to their former consumption habits?

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