what happened on november 26

In 1944, one of Argentina's most beloved popular artists was born in Rosario: Roberto Fontanarrosa.

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In 1944, one of Argentina’s most beloved popular artists was born in Rosario: Roberto Fontanarrosa.

In the November 26 anniversary These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1903. Composer and pianist Sebastián Piana is born. Author of “Ropa blanca”, “Milonga del 900”, “Milonga de los fortines”, “Milonga de Juan Manuel”, “Milonga de Puente Alsina”, “Milonga triste”, he was president of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo. He died in 1994.

1909. In Romania the playwright Eugène Ionesco was born, one of the main exponents of the theater of the absurd. The bald singer, released in 1950, was his first and best-known work. He also wrote pieces like The rhinoceros and The king dies. He passed away in 1994.

1911. In the French town of Draveil Laura Marx and Paul Lafargue commit suicide. Karl Marx’s daughter had met the Cuban-born French-Spanish revolutionary when Lafargue began to hang out with her father in London. The son-in-law wrote one of the most celebrated books by the socialists of his time: The right to laziness, which became as popular as the Communist Manifesto signed by Marx and Friedrich Engels. At the time of the suicide, he was 69 years old, and she was 66. They decided to die together and left a letter in which they affirmed that the suicide pact was to avoid facing the ailments of old age. The letter, written by him, ends as follows: “I die with the supreme joy of knowing that at some future time the cause to which I have dedicated myself for forty-five years will triumph. Long live communism! Long live international socialism! “

1931. Born Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. An architect graduate from the University of La Plata, he excelled in defending human rights through the Peace and Justice Service. He was kidnapped by the dictatorship and spent more than a year in detention, during which time he was tortured. After his release, he remained under surveillance for another fourteen months. In 1980 he received the Nobel Peace Prize, in what was a hard blow for the regime. Since then he continues his fight and has received countless honors in the world.

1939. Born Tina Turner. Came into the world as Anna Mae Bullock, in Tennessee. She began singing in the late 1950s. She formed a duet with her husband. Ike Turner. They had a stormy marriage, plagued by infidelity and abuse by him. The 80s saw her become a prominent figure in the world of pop. He retired in 2013 and lives in Switzerland, the country whose nationality he adopted.

1944. In Rosario, one of the most beloved popular artists of Argentina was born: Roberto Fontanarrosa. El Negro stood out as a cartoonist from the 70s, in the magazine Hortensia and then in Clarion. Creator of Inodoro Pereyra and Boogie el Aceitoso, he found another vein in literature, with storybooks such as Trains kill cars, The biggest of my flaws, The table of the gallants and The world has lived wrong. He also published three novels: Best Seller, Area 18 and The Gansada. Died in 2007. For his birthday, November 26 is National Comedian’s Day.

1951. The Peronist government inaugurates the Republic of Children in La Plata. It is the first theme park on the continent that resembles an urban conglomerate designed for 10-year-olds. It was built on a site outside the Swift Golf Club. All the institutions of a country are represented at scale: the House of Government, the Congress, the Palace of Justice, a fire station, a port, a train station. Juan Domingo Perón led the opening ceremony together with Governor Domingo Mercante.

1954. Pascual Pérez becomes the first world boxing champion of Argentina. Defeat Japanese Yoshio Shirai in Japan for the Flies title. The man from Mendoza wins the fight at 15 rounds on points. He retained the crown until 1960. He lost the title that year in his ninth defense, to Pone Kingpetch of Thailand. A year later, the new champion gave him the first KO of his career when he wanted to regain the title. Pérez is the only Argentine world champion who was also a gold medalist at the Olympic Games. He achieved the medal in London in 1948. Died at age 50, in 1977.

1992. go dead Nestor Perlongher in São Paulo, victim of HIV. He was born in Avellaneda in 1949. Sociologist and anthropologist, his poetic work is one of the most important that Argentina gave in the second half of the last century. His first book was Austria-Hungary, in 1980. Titles such as Wire, Cave, Lezama Park, Aerial waters and The gushing of illuminations.

In addition, it is Chemist’s Day, in memory of Enrique Herrero Ducloux, the first graduate of the doctorate in Chemistry from the Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

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