What happened to Francia Márquez after being denounced for Solidarity Income payments | ANSWERS

One month after the completion of the Presidential Elections 2022 in Colombia, France Marquez -Vice-presidential candidate for the Historical Pact– has been the target of criticism. He is accused of charging Solidarity Income, intended for people with economic needs, but what really happened? Here the details.

This monetary benefit in charge of Social Prosperity aims to help citizens in situations of vulnerability, poverty or extreme poverty. These characteristics, according to her detractors, do not coincide with the also activist due to information initially registered in the database of the system that determines the favored ones.

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Márquez has been denounced, according to the Colombian portal ‘Week‘, for the crime called “grant fraud”. The document also explains that the candidate “has received, from 2020 to date, 25 payments corresponding to the Solidarity Income program, created by the national government through Decree 518 of 2020.”

In this way, Francia Márquez would have accumulated, since the beginning of the state subsidy, more than 4 million pesos. Of course, she has refused to give up this benefit and alludes to the fact that “It seems normal for any poor Colombian woman”. But why doesn’t it fit the specs of the favored?

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According to the complainant, identified as One Vargas, Public Deed 5733 of 2018 that would have been granted to the Fourth Notary of Cali, Márquez would have bought two real estate in the city in question. Furthermore, he points out that “he did not register his home in Calibut in another region of the country”.

If the condition of poverty or vulnerability of Mrs. Francia Márquez changed in the course of recent years, she had the obligation to have reported it”, the letter continues. However, politics has not referred more to the issue nor has it indicated that it would renounce, of its own free will, the economic bonus.

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