what happened to him, why did they take him to the clinic

The man was examined by the first aid personnel of the Canal Caracol reality show, but his condition forced the transfer to a health center to determine what he had, because it was left on the floor from one moment to another.

The incident caused many of the participants to become suspicious with the possible retirement of the popular ‘tarzan’, because there was no certainty of his condition or official information on what was happening to him.

Fortunately, the 25-year-old from Cesar and sports dance professional had timely care at the clinic to which he was taken and managed to rejoin the program a day after his unexpected mishap.

‘Tarzan’ returned to the ‘Challenge‘: what happened to him, why did they take him to the clinic

The person in charge of telling what had happened was the affected person himself, who greeted his teammates in a very particular way when he returned.

“Guys, I’m back from the dead,” he told them initially.

He then explained: “I got inflamed; my body was swelling. She had circulation, but the veins were swollen. His muscles were sore.”

And he added that they managed to stabilize him, although something worse could happen to him: “If I hadn’t warned in time, it would have been a bad thing. But the exams went well. It wasn’t that serious and I’m here now.”

Even when Andrea Serna, presenter of the program, asked him how he felt, he gave part of tranquility: “In health, I am improving, active for whatever comes.”

The recovery of the famous ‘Tarzan’ was so good that he was able to intervene without problems in a later contact test.

In fact, he started joking about his condition: “I wanted to incapacitate myself to rest.”

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On video, the return of ‘Tarzan’ to ‘Challenge’:

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