What happened to Mohamed, the unfortunate finalist of “Koh-Lanta” in 2005?

The fans of Koh-Lanta remember Mohamed Derraji. In 2005, during the fifth season of TF1’s adventure game, the first to be played in New Caledonia, he distinguished himself by wanting to kill a goat to eat it, throwing this legendary line: “Me, I am a madman in my head”. But he had also been an outstanding competitor by winning four individual immunity events, a record at the time.

Beaten during the posts by Clémence Castel, he was not chosen for the final vote by the future winner of the edition. This final had gathered nearly 8.5 million viewers!

After a more enlightened participation during the Clash of Champions in 2010, Mohamed turned his back on Koh-Lanta to get involved in other projects. The production of humorous videos in particular. And more recently, humanitarian aid and aid to French hospitals during the first confinement, indicates the Purepeople.com site.

However, it is for another reason that he remembered the good memories of his fans and other followers of the survival game of TF1, causing their deep concern.

In a video posted Tuesday on Instagram, Mohamed appears swollen face all over the place. What happened to him ? Internet users speculated. Allergic reaction ? Boxing fight in which he took a lot? Plastic surgery ? The person gave the answer, hilarious, this Wednesday revealing that these are the consequences of a hair transplant that he went to have in Turkey. “My head is still a bit swollen, he admits on Snapchat, but it’s OK. So yeah, I only did my hair, he replies to those who mentioned cosmetic surgery as an explanation. Since I’m bloated, people think I have redone my nose, my teeth, or whatever. But I didn’t do anything again, only my hair. The edema that was there (on the skull, he says, Editor’s note) has subsided until then (he shows his face, Editor’s note). So don’t worry. ”

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