What happened to Nequi and why did the entity take money from its users

No one is once again one of the most talked about topics in the country. This time it is because it has closed the accounts of several users. The main reason is related to the bad practices of some users in how they manage or receive money.

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So the directives of the electronic wallet decided to block some accounts, at least that was what they publicly communicated, they decided “for the benefit of the safety of other Nequis and ensuring the well-being of 13 million users”, said the brand.

The ‘app’ policies indicated that people with blocked accounts they were previously informed with an email, which is related to their Nequi account, as well as with a text message registered in their databases, they also added that they have a high percentage of opening and reading of the notice compared to the notice.

What to do if your account was closed No one?

Some users have stated social networks they lost their money, but Nequi reported that the money has not been lost and that “it is safe with the entity and users with blocked accounts can make a request through official channels, or respond to the email they initially receivedso that the amount they had was paid to them in another account of their choice, the same day they request it”.

However, people who had their accounts closed will not be able to open the app again with the same number and will lose all benefits of functionality services.

On the other hand, so that there are no more blockages, the company calls on its customers to make good use of the application, recommending good practices so that those who use it correctly also benefit.

The figures of No one

This company in less than two years multiplied by six in terms of the people who use itstarted with 1.8 million in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2022 closed with 13 million. Through Twitter they apologized with this message:

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“Sorry, our ‘app’ is presenting some bugs, in a moment you will be able to enter your Nequi without problems and continue managing the money at your own pace. We are solving it!”, Were the words after the constant complaints from users.

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