What happened to the left?

Do you know what movie I would show my students if I were a political science teacher? Sorry We Missed You, the Ken Loach.

I would say to them: “You want to know what values ​​the left defended before the advent of the Woke movement? Well, watch this movie.

That’s the left, folks! The real left! The right left!

The left as it existed before the Woke movement betrayed its ideals and perverted its mind.

What you now call the left is to progressivism what Cheez Wiz is to cheese.

Taste me this left, friends, you will give me news! It has nothing to do with the intersectional mush you put in your brain … “

Uberization of the economy

Directed by the brave Ken Loach, an 85-year-old leftist activist who has never betrayed his youthful ideals, Sorry We Missed You (which you can watch on Illico among other places) tells the story of the descent into hell of a worker who decides to become a deliveryman for a company that looks like a cross between Uber and Amazon.

Content to be now his “own boss instead of being just an employee”, this man (who is white, but not privileged) quickly realizes that the dream that has been sold to him is in fact a nightmare. .

He has to work crazy hours to get a lousy salary, has to rent the truck he uses to make his deliveries, has no vacation days, no pension funds, no sick leave, is not unionized and doesn’t even have time to go to the toilet (he has to urinate in a plastic bottle) …

In short, he has all the disadvantages of being a boss and no advantage of being an employee.

Stressed, exhausted, he ends up sacrificing his health, his marriage and his relationship with his son …

We realize at the end that the title of the film has two meanings.

“Sorry to have missed you” is the note that the main character of the film leaves his customers when they are away when he delivers their packages.

But that’s also what his relatives tell him …

A journey through time

I was watching this masterpiece with my wife and we said to each other: “This is a leftist film! A real leftist film! The left as it existed at the time!

The left when it defended small workers, not the non-binary and two-spirited racialized disabled who only represent 0.005% of society!

The left when she had both feet on the ground! When she spoke to the real world! “

Virulent criticism of the “uberized” economy (we watch this film and feel bad about doing business with Amazon), Sorry We Missed You was produced two years ago.

But it looks like a movie from another era. An era that those under 30 cannot know …

What happened to this left, great gods? Where did she go?

If Michel Chartrand were alive today, it’s quite simple, he would die to see what “his” camp has become. A bunch of disconnected little priests …

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