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Have you tried turning AirTag into an email tracking tool? Before, we introduced a YouTuber who put AirTag in the email and sent the email to his friends, and then observe the location of AirTag and the message it sends back along the way. This is indeed an interesting experiment, and this time there is a YouTuber Jonathon from Germany did a more crazy and interesting experiment. He sent three different AirTags to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and North Korea’s representative office in Germany.

YouTuber sends AirTag to Tim Cook, Elon Musk and North Korea

He first marked the three different AirTags with different marks. The one sent to Tim Cook was a unicorn, the one sent to Elon Musk was an alien, and the one sent to North Korea was a clean AirTag.

Then he properly packaged the AirTag and attached a letter stating the purpose of sending the AirTag this time. He also hopes that the recipient of the AirTag can send the AirTag back and sign it.

After that, he sent the package to the receiving station of DHL. After a few hours, he found that the package was already on the way.


Then the package is sent to a transfer station, you can even see from the map that these packages are divided into different locations, probably because of the different areas to be sent.


The next day, three packages were delivered to DHL’s base at Frankfurt Airport, but these three packages stayed here for three days without any movement.


At the same time, DHL’s tracking information finally got the first update, showing that the package sent to Elon Musk SpaceX has been forwarded to the relevant area and unit, but Jonathon looked in front of the computer for three days, and the location of AirTag was displayed. Nothing has changed, so receiving the notice made him quite dumbfounded…

These three packages had been at Frankfurt Airport for nearly a week, and the AirTag packages sent to Tim Cook and Elon Musk were boarded on a flight to the United States, and finally landed at Kennedy Airport in New York.



Then he received a tracking update from DHL that the package had arrived in the United States two days later, but the real-time update information of AirTag had let him know that the package had arrived in the United States two days ago.

The package notice sent to Elon Musk was even later, and the updated notice was issued five days later.

Then the AirTag sent to Tim Cook issued a notice to update the location. Jonathon discovered that he was in Nevada and he was not on the road, so he determined that it might be a transfer flight and someone was using an iPhone to connect to the Internet on the plane. , So his AirTag information is sent to the “find” platform through the other party’s network.

AirTag arrives at Apple headquarters and SpaceX headquarters

The next day, the AirTag package to be sent to Tim Cook had arrived at the post office near the Apple Park headquarters. After staying for a few days, it finally arrived at Apple Park and was signed for.

On the same day, Elon Musk’s AirTag package had just arrived in California, and also a few days later, it finally arrived at SpaceX’s base.

Tim Cook replied

Later, Apple also sent AirTag back, and attached a reply letter. The letter stated that he was grateful for his continuous attempts to use AirTag. Although Tim Cook could not personally respond to millions of letters and requests every month, he still This one is very special. I sent it back from AirTag from Apple Park, and please continue to enjoy it.

Although this letter was not written by Tim Cook himself, you can still see how Apple feels about the user’s experience, and even the letter paper used to reply to the letter has ingenuity. The four corners of the letter paper are not ordinary right angles, but special treatments. Pass into an arc shape to avoid hurting people.

How about the one sent to North Korea?

Many netizens are curious about what happened to the AirTag sent to North Korea.

The AirTag sent to North Korea was also quite tortuous. At first, the AirTag remained silent. At first, DHL in Germany said that it had been lost. However, Jonathon inquired about the location of AirTag and found that it was still at Frankfurt Airport. DHL also sent a refund and compensation application form to Jonathon. .

But Jonathon decided to send another one for a test. This time he got on the plane successfully, but was sent to South Korea by mistake. Because of South Korean law, the “find” function is invalid in South Korea. Jonathon said that this AirTag is probably silent. No interest, after all, it was sent to South Korea by mistake, and South Korea does not support the search function and cannot continue to track the whereabouts of AirTag.

At this time, the first AirTag reported as missing by DHL turned out to be moving. He was successfully transferred to Beijing, but stayed at Beijing Airport for several days. Even the AirTag that was mistakenly sent to South Korea arrived near Beijing Airport. Therefore, the two AirTags stayed there forever, and they did not continue to be sent to North Korea.

Later, he sent a letter asking North Korea’s DHL customer service, and the response he got was that North Korea banned the import of general parcels in order to prevent COVID-19, so AirTag was parked at Beijing Airport. Whether it was returned to him, YouTuber didn’t say anything. .

AirTag sent to Tim Cook the full version of the video

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