What happens if you don’t have enough blood?Drowsy, tired and hair loss

What happens if you don’t have enough blood? Dazed, tired and hair loss (Picture/freepik)

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Only those who have enough qi and blood can have energy and spirit. This is a health reminder we often hear. Chinese medicine believes that “qi” and “blood” are the key foundations of human health. Dr. Jiang Zhongxuan of Silin Chinese Medicine pointed out that qi and blood are related to the energy of the body. Although it is intangible, it will affect many physical conditions. If the qi and blood are insufficient, it will lead to poor spirits, insomnia, fatigue, decreased resistance, and even accelerated aging.

Jiang Zhongxuan explained that from the perspective of qi and blood, qi and blood are binary opposites, including two concepts. The first concept is that qi is “energy” (intangible), and blood is “substance” (tangible); Another concept is that qi is the “function” and blood is the “material basis”. If our body is compared to a car, movement depends on function (qi), but the quality of the parts that provide the essential performance of the car is the material basis (blood). Deficiency of vital energy or blood can occur separately, also may combine to occur.

. Insufficient qi, that is, insufficient body energy and power to convert energy, will cause some invisible effects such as mental weakness, such as the following symptoms:

1. Insufficient heart-qi: easy to palpitation, trance, insomnia.

2. Insufficient temper: easy to get tired, muscle weakness, loss of appetite.

3. Insufficient lung energy: easy to catch a cold, sneeze, and breathe easily.

. Insufficient blood, that is, the lack of physical or material ability of the body, will cause easy aging, hair loss, etc. And in the theory of the five internal organs, insufficient liver blood affects sleep depth and vision.

Jiang Zhongxuan pointed out that qi and blood will interact with each other. Insufficient qi will lead to lack of energy, loss of appetite, and indigestion. In the long run, it will also affect the body substance, that is, “blood”, which will lead to reduced and degenerated internal functions. Conversely, lack of blood, lack of nutrition, lack of basic physical fitness, insufficient formation of skeletal muscle fat, and poor secretion of glands will also lead to the deterioration of the daily functions of the human body. Therefore, Chinese medicine often emphasizes that “qi is the commander of blood, but blood is the mother of qi”.

He said that if people with sufficient energy and blood will have a rosy face and a good complexion, it will be more beneficial to develop muscles, because if the energy and blood are good, the ability to transform the body’s energy will also be good. At the same time, if the ability to transform the body is good, the energy and blood will also be good. The two are relative.

“Nourishing qi and blood” dietary guidelines 2 do’s and 3 do’s and don’ts

Jiang Zhongxuan said that diet is the fastest way to nourish qi and blood. Because no matter how qi and blood are transformed in the human body, the human body is not a nuclear power plant and will not automatically generate power. Therefore, there must be an external source, which is food, and the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry. The above measures can help nourish qi and blood, and the doctor provides the following golden principles of diet for nourishing qi and blood:


The Golden Principles of Cultivating Qi and Blood in the Teaching of TCM Physicians

1. Eat more green foods

Many people eat out, and the portion of vegetables and fruits is always not enough. Dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables stimulates the gastrointestinal function. Good gastrointestinal function can make Qi run smoothly, and when Qi runs well, digestion will be good. Dietary fiber can help prevent cancer. It is recommended to take about 30g of dietary fiber per day, which can be 5 Servings of fruits and vegetables, that is, 3 vegetables and 2 fruits.

If the spleen and stomach are not bad, it is recommended to add more protein such as meat and dark vegetables, because protein and vitamins can provide the nutrients needed for muscle synthesis and convert energy into a long-term storage form, which is the concept of nourishing blood, as follows There are some suggested fruits and vegetables.

2. Adequate amount of starch should be added

Low Qi and blood will lead to lack of energy, so starch should be supplemented in an appropriate amount. Because starch and sugar are digested and absorbed quickly, they can quickly provide the body with immediate energy needs. If you deliberately consume very low sugar for weight loss, it will not only reduce the efficiency of muscle synthesis, but also easily feel weak and weak.

3. Do not smoke, drink or drink too much coffee

Smoking and drinking, drinking too much tea and coffee, and the habit of overexciting the nerves will consume “qi”.

4. Eat less cold and fried food

The intake of fat only needs to account for 20-30% of the total calories of the human body. However, people who eat out often consume too much. Digesting food requires gas consumption, and too much fat overall will consume gas even more; there are also people who often eat a lot of cold, Stimulating food will also consume Qi and blood.

5. Don’t stand and sit for a long time

Staring at things for a long time, sitting on a chair for a long time without getting up and moving, and standing for a long time are exhausted, all of which correspond to the “five fatigue injuries” in the “Huangdi Neijing”, long-term staring hurts blood, and long-term lying hurts blood 1. Sitting for a long time hurts the flesh, which is basically the consumption of labor force on the body, and it is also a habit that causes “blood” injury.

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