“What happens now in Ukraine is crucial and will have consequences for decades to come”

INTERVIEW – Serhii Plokhy, professor of history at Harvard University, specialist in the history of Ukraine, point to the dangers of a crisis on several levels, symptomatic of a deep deterioration in relations between Russia and the whole countries of the post-Soviet space.

Washington Correspondent

LE FIGARO. – What is Russia looking for in Ukraine?

Serhii PLOKHY. – We are facing a major crisis. This is an attempt by Russia to overturn and renegotiate the international order established in 1991. Ukraine is at the center of this crisis, not only because of its position next to Russia, but also for broader reasons, and which go beyond its borders. It is also a multi-level crisis. The first level concerns the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. This is a centuries-old question that touches on Russian identity and the idea that Ukraine and Belarus may have a separate history from Russia. In his historical essay published last summer, Vladimir Putin made it clear that, in his view, there has never been a Ukrainian history in the past, and there will not be in the future. Yet the events that have unfolded in Ukraine since 2014, with…

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