What happens to Matthew Perry at the Friends reunion?

After the premiere of The expected Friends: The Reunion” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Friends: The Reunion, which HBO aired on Thursday, May 27 after several delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many of the fans of the legendary series asked the same question: What’s wrong with Matthew Perry?

And it is that, during the almost two hours that the special lasts, the spectators emphasized that the actor who played the witty Chandler is most serious and quiet for the most time. And when he does speak, Perry does so in a weird way. An attitude that, taking into account the background of the actor, that had drug and alcohol addiction problems, sparked the concern of fans. But the reason for their abnormal behavior would have a much more everyday explanation.

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Thus, and as reported by the British newspaperThe Sun” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>The Sun citing sources close to the actor, the attitude Matthew Perry, less participatory and smiling thanhis other five companions” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>his other five companions, it is because he was still convalescing from an emergency dental procedure to which he had to submit just before filming the special.

When Matthew appeared at the meeting, several members of his team said that he had had his teeth performed earlier that day.. That affected his well-being and how he felt, “explains that source to the newspaper, which also highlights that” it hurt a lot “and that” that’s why he was slurring his words. ” “Obviously nobody wants to shoot after such an intervention, but it happened. Matthew wants people to know that he is sober and that there is no reason to worry, ”this person assures The Sun.

In this image provided by HBO Max Jennifer Aniston, from left, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc in a scene from the “Friends” reunion special. (Terence Patrick / HBO Max via AP)

In this way, his difficulty when speaking and gesturing and even his apparently absent attitude at some moments during his reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc Y David Schwimmer he would have a remote explanation for his old problems with alcohol or drugs.

Two bittersweet moments

Even with these difficulties, the actor starred in a couple of very emotional moments. The first when he revealed something that even his other five companions did not know: the enormous almost obsessive pressure I felt every night of shooting on set in a panic that the public won’t laugh at his jokes.

I thought I was going to die if they didn’t laugh, I started to sweat and they gave me seizures”, He revealed. “You never told us about that,” replied a shocked and surprised Lisa Kudrow.

In addition, at the end of the special, Perry assured that the bonds created during those ten seasons filming persist today and that, although the contact is not constant, they remain family every time they meet at a party and event.

“After the show ended, if any of us ran into a party or social event … it’s over, that was the end of the night. You stayed to talk to that person the rest of the night. You were apologizing to the rest of the people, but they had to understand that you had met someone very special to you and that you were going to spend the rest of the night talking to him, “he said before saying that” he was going to cry.

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