what he said to himself in the Blues locker room at half-time

DECRYPTION – Led 2-0 by Belgium in the first period, the world champions explained themselves at the break before reversing the trend in the semi-finals of the Nations League.

Special envoy to Turin

«You will surely see a video of what happened in the locker room at half-time, hopefully after our victory on Sunday. We will have to wait and I think you will see. I really hope we win, to see the energy we feel. I can’t explain it to you. You will understand.“Paul Pogba and the art of teasing Thursday evening in front of the microphones of TF1. But the “ Pickaxe “Is right, the locker room at Juventus Stadium Thursday night was the scene of a strong streak in the life of the France team.

Revenues to locker rooms “ slaughtered »And led 2-0 by the Belgians after goals from Carrasco and Lukaku, the world champions took advantage of the fifteen minutes of privacy to say things to each other within the four walls of the locker room. A cliché heard and read a hundred times when explaining the change in attitude of a team mistreated and then transfigured. But it is clear that this development had the merit of seeing the partners of Hugo Lloris transfigured and reassembled

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