What I would like to say to my ex-best friend


Today, I’m writing a post that’s a little different from what I’m used to myself. I write to you, with whom I quarreled. Five years of friendship ended a bit harshly. After a little cold for a few days and the famous evening which ended in tears on both sides, we both understood what had just happened.

I want to write to you because I have nothing more to say. We have said a lot of business to each other in 5 years. You are surely the person who knows me the most, for better or for worse, as they say. What was said a few months ago, I do not regret it. It is a reality that must be understood; we each have our own opinions and values. We change over time. Sometimes these changes mean that we are no longer compatible.

I don’t regret what I said. Maybe a bit the way it was done. We both spoke in anger. Knowing you, I know you understand it as much as I understand it. Our words weren’t as heavy as they should have been. Our tongues have not turned 5 times in our mouths. No, on the contrary, our tongues are too easily untied after weeks of frustration. So, I don’t regret what I said.

Know that I am not angry. I understand what you reproached me for. I don’t really accept it as real or justified, but I think I heard you. I am sure this feeling is mutual. As I said, it is a question of values ​​and point of view. I think now we don’t care who was right, who was wrong; we won and we lost at the same time. One last thing we did together. That, and stop talking to each other.

I’m sad. I lost my confidante from several of my confessions, my partner who accompanied me in my more or less thrilling adventures. I no longer have my main recipient of my not-so-beautiful selfies, the designer who accompanied me in my lyrical flights on current affairs. I am very sad. I have a void in my chest. I miss you.

Except that my emotions are temporary. I will get better. I just have to give myself time. Our friendship now over, I realize that it was for the best. It happens tse. For the past few weeks, I have felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I don’t know when our friendship got tough for me, but it had been awhile since I realized it. Do you feel it too, the same weight that has finally come off?

I only wish you good. I have a lot of respect for you, for the absolutely extraordinary woman that you are. You deserve good. I also deserve good. We were no longer that to each other. I hope, but I also know, that you will follow through on your dreams, passions and joys in life.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, for you, for us. Are we going to be reconciled? Perhaps. Not for a while. And this is correct. I am sad and that is also correct.

Thank you for the beautiful memories,

Wishing each other good luck for the future,

With all my gratitude.

Author’s note: I requested permission from the person concerned before posting this text.

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