What if my child is having trouble sleeping?

It is a pathology that affects both adults and children: sleep disorders. In “Sans Rendez-vous” on Europe 1, Iman, a 40-year-old listener and mother, worries about her 7-year-old son, a victim of sleep disorders. Without giving further details, she also wondered which specialist to consult. Doctor Jimmy Mohamed answers him and gives an update on these many syndromes which cause restless nights in many French people.

Sleep rhythms, somniloquia …

Among the sleep disorders, some are very well known (sleep apnea, nightmare, night terror) and others much less. There are for example “sleep rhythms, stereotypical movements” before falling asleep. This could be, for example, children swaying, as if to rock. “If these movements are not dangerous, this sleep disorder is not serious.” Another symptom, somniloquia: those who speak while they sleep. Very common, it concerns 85% of children between 2 and 6 years old and 25% of adults.

Good sleep for good growth

In order for Iman’s son to fall asleep more easily, it is first necessary to set up a sleep ritual, explains Jimmy Mohamed. “We will brush our teeth, put on our pajamas, we go to bed. And above all we avoid screens.” This ritual should be short so as not to reinforce the anxiety of separation in an anxious child.

The child must also go to bed early because it is in the first part of the night that he secretes growth hormone. A child who does not sleep therefore will not grow up. And that’s not all: sleep disorder rhymes with learning disability. It has thus been proven that children who take a nap better assimilate the knowledge learned that morning.

Consult a sleep doctor

If despite everything the troubles persist, Jimmy Mohamed advises to make an appointment with a sleep doctor, the specialist in the matter. Depending on the case, he may for example offer to do a polysomnography of sleep, that is to say a recording of sleep to know in detail everything that happens during the night in your child.

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