What if the screen of our smartphones would repair itself in the near future?

Canadian researchers have succeeded in developing a new technology that could revolutionize the world of smartphones. It is a kind of polymer capable of regenerating itself. Basically, used on smartphones, it could allow your screen to repair itself, as if by magic.

Year after year, our smartphones are more and more efficient and offer more and more useful features or not. But they have a weak point: the screen is likely to break at the slightest shock. More and more manufacturers are offering more resistant screens to limit the risks, but nothing can be done against a bad fall on a paving stone.

And when the screen is broken for good, the price to replace it is often (too) high. This is why researchers at Concordia University have worked on a polymer capable of regenerating itself automatically, without external intervention and at room temperature. Thus, once this polymer is used in the manufacture of screens, it would allow them to repair themselves, as if by magic.

The screen of the future

As you can see, such a technology could make it possible to make great savings on repairs but above all to improve the lifespan of smartphones. But you can imagine, it is a difficult technology to implement because we are talking about extremely sensitive and sophisticated touch screens. It is therefore necessary to succeed in integrating this self-repairing ability without compromising the mechanical properties of the screens.

“Our goal is not to compromise the strength of the network while adding a dynamic capacity for self-healing from damage and scratches. We focus on completely healing scratches at room temperature. This characteristic sets our research apart from others, ”explains Twinkal Patel, a member of the team behind the invention.

“Therefore, these materials save consumers time and money while extending the life of the material used and reducing the environmental burden,” adds Pothana Gandhi Nellepalli, co-author of the article. We are talking about screens but this technology could also be used on other components of smartphones such as the battery, for example. Nobody would say no to a more powerful battery over time, would they? According to the researchers, thanks to their discovery, it will be possible to recharge our batteries just by walking.

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