What if your eyes are dry and stuffy? Let’s solve this ‘this way’!

Due to the prolonged online classes and telecommuting, and the expansion of OTT services, the number of patients with VDT syndrome, also known as digital disease, is increasing. VDT Syndrome is a generic term for eye fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, etc. that occur when using smartphones and computers for a long time. This includes dry eye syndrome. So, what are the main symptoms and solutions for dry eye syndrome? Even the nutritional supplements that are good for the eyes were explained in detail by pharmacist Oh Jeong-seok.

*VDT (visual display terminal syndrome) syndrome refers to various physical and mental disorders that occur when looking at a monitor and tapping a keyboard for a long time. (Source: Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea)

▶ Main symptoms of dry eye syndrome

When you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes are usually stiff and sore due to lack of tears. It occurs when the surface of the eyeball is damaged or the tears evaporate too much. However, in recent years, not only the function of the lacrimal gland is reduced, but also it is affected by frequent exposure to electronic devices, dry indoor environment caused by air conditioners and heaters, and stress.

▶ Solutions for dry eye syndrome

People of all ages and genders are exposed to electronic devices longer, and the number of people complaining of dry eyes has also increased. The ideal is to drastically reduce the time spent using electronic devices. However, in many cases it is practically impossible, so it is good to know how to use the electronic device correctly. First, if you need to use electronic devices for a long time, a bright place is good. When the environment is dark, our eyes try to accept more light by dilating our pupils. In the process, more blue light from the screen, which is a burden on the eyes, will come in. In addition, when a computer or a smartphone is used for a long time, the number of blinks decreases and eye strain continues, increasing eye fatigue, and dry eye syndrome may occur. Normally, we blink 15 to 20 times per minute. However, pharmacist Oh Jeong-seok said that there are studies showing that the use of electronic devices reduces the number of times to 3 to 5 times. With each blink, a tear film is formed to protect the eye. This function is reduced, which can lead to dry eye syndrome. In addition, as the exposure time of the tears increases, the evaporation of the tears increases.

If you have dry eye syndrome, you need to be careful when wearing contact lenses. Soft lenses can make dry eyes worse because the lens itself absorbs some of the tears it lacks. It is not good to use saline for a long time because it can dilute important components of tears and lower the physiological function of tears.

In order to reduce dry eye syndrome, it is recommended to blink more frequently in daily life. However, if symptoms do not improve, artificial tears should be used to compensate for the lack of tears. Also, if you regularly put a warm towel over your eyes and apply a poultice, the secretion of oil glands will be smoothed, which will help your eye health.

◆What nutrients are good for the eyes?

Nutritional supplements that are good for the eyes include lutein and omega-3 fatty acids. Lutein absorbs blue light to protect the eyes and reduce free radicals. It cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained through food. It can help maintain eye health by maintaining the density of macular pigment, which can be reduced with aging. Omega 3, an unsaturated fatty acid, is a major component of the retinal tissue of the eye. It is effective in protecting retina cells and the optic nerve and improving dry eyes. If you take lutein and omega 3 regularly, you can feel the symptoms of dry eye relief, pharmacist Oh Jeong-seok said.

Help = Pharmacist Oh Jeong-seok

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