What is angina pectoris and how to recognize the signs

What is angina pectoris? How to identify it and what to do in case of pain? Vincent, an auditor of Europe 1 whose neighbor was hospitalized for angina, asked Thursday why this disease, which has nothing to do with angina, required hospitalization. Doctor Jimmy Mohamed gives him details about this heart disease in the show Without an appointment.

Coronary artery disease

“This sore throat has nothing to do with the mild sore throat that we can all experience during the change of seasons. Also called” angina “, angina is a disease of the heart, of the coronary arteries that makes that the blood circulates less well because of a cholesterol plaque, thus preventing oxygen from arriving to the heart. Angina is manifested by chest pain, particularly felt when exerting too much effort, and can lead, in the long term, to a real heart attack or a heart attack.

Stable and unstable “angina”

There are two types of angina. Stable angina, which occurs during moderate efforts and the pain of which stops when the effort ceases; and unstable angina, which can manifest itself as soon as the person takes a few steps, or even the pain of which will wake him up at night. This unstable angina mainly occurs in people with cardiovascular risk factors, such as being overweight, hypertension, cholesterol, tobacco, or diabetes, which predispose to heart disease.

What to do in case of pain?

Often the signs of angina go unnoticed, there is a form of silent ischemia, so much so that in three out of four cases the person is unaware that they have angina. However, if in the event of effort, whatever it is, a gravity appears like a bar on the level of the stomach, or in the middle of the chest, radiating to the left arm or even to the jaw, it is absolutely necessary to consult in case doubt.

In addition, if the pain does not stop within two minutes of the end of the effort, it is imperative to call the 15th, to avoid seeing a potential angina pectoris degenerate into a heart attack. “

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