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With a rope tied around his neck and a cloth inside his mouth, the renowned lawyer and businessman Cristóbal Rodríguez García was found dead, who was murdered inside his home in the heart of the city of Neiva.

Astrid Hernández Ospina
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The death of the renowned lawyer Cristóbal Rodríguez García, has unleashed countless versions that have not been confirmed by the authorities so far and that only the security cameras can corroborate the information.

The litigant’s crime occurred on Sunday night, when apparently a subject who was not unknown to Rodríguez García, entered his apartment and murdered him.

The legal professional was found dead in one of the rooms of his apartment located on Calle Octava and Carrera Sexta, in the heart of the city of Neiva; he had a rope tied around his neck and a rag inside his mouth, some blows to different parts of his body, as well as a bloody lake around his head.

The body was found by one of his daughters, who insistently tried to have communication with her father throughout the day, and when she did not get an answer, she went to look for it at the house, where some aspects caught her attention, among those that the television was on. , but his father did not respond, so it was necessary to fight the door to enter and find the macabre scene.

What happened?

One of the versions gives an account of an alleged encounter between a hitherto unidentified subject and who would be the possible culprit for the lawyer’s murder; additionally, men from Rodríguez García’s security scheme were aware of the situation, but according to the version of one of the bodyguards, they withdrew from the place at the request of the deceased today.

The person until now unknown contacted one of the bodyguards who learned of his arrival, they entered the property and nothing was ever heard of again. The doors of the residence were not violated and after the murder, some items of value and cash that were in a safe were stolen. Once the case was known, the authorities began to review the security cameras of the building where the victim resided, but apparently some were not working, despite this there is already a material in the possession of the investigators that could yield positive results against the alleged murderer.

Regarding the motives, it could possibly be a theft taking into account what was stolen from the place, however, the authorities do not rule out other hypotheses and even the participation in the murder of people close to the lawyer.

Rodríguez García, 74 years old, was passionate about horses, business and the purchase of real estate and animals to sell, he was a native of Tello, he was also a moneylender and father of four children, two of them officials of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office .

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