What is behind the resignations of the CEO and CEO of Sinopharm?

It is in a laconic statement that the Chinese group Sinopharm announced the resignations of its CEO, Li Zhiming, and of its CEO and member of the strategic committee and the audit committee, Li Hui.

LThe two officials returned the apron on January 12 for “personal reasons.”

If the company ensures that it “continues to carry out its activities normally”, these resignations are surprising to say the least.

Because, where one evokes “personal reasons”, there is inevitably eel under rock. Understand by this a right of reserve under which the leaders generally shelter themselves so as not to give the real reasons for their departure. History of preserving the company.

More must a captain and his mate abandon their ship in the midst of a pandemic storm? Are these resignations related to the vaccine developed by Sinopharm to fight Covid-19? Do they not undermine confidence in this group which must provide vaccines to several countries, including Morocco ?

These questions deserve clarification. And transparency would like Sinopharm to put its card on the table in order to clearly inform public opinion and, above all, to reassure its world, in particular all those countries which are preparing to vaccinate their citizens with their vaccine.

And the Chinese group must all the more express itself as the article published by the Daily Mail on its website on January 7 is causing trouble.

The publication in fact relays the comments made by the Chinese doctor Tao Lina, followed by 4.8 million social media subscribers, who called the Sinopharm vaccine “the most dangerous in the world”, with “73 side effects”.

Among the side effects he listed were pain around the injection site, headache, high blood pressure, loss of vision and taste and urinary incontinence, reports the Daily Mail.

Faced with the controversy over his remarks in China, Dr Tao Lina, a vaccine expert in Shanghai, later retracted, accusing the foreign media of having “distorted” his words.

But let’s agree that the statements of Dr. Tao Lina (even if he denied them), added to the resignation of the top management of Sinopharm, call for reflection.

Remember, however, thatin Morocco, The government and the scientific world defend tooth and nail the Sinopharm vaccine, reassuring the population of its effectiveness.

Except that the long-announced mass vaccination campaign has not yet started.

Will what happens at Sinopharm ultimately have an impact on this campaign?

It will be up to the authorities, who remain very cautious in their awareness-raising approach to get Moroccans to adhere to the usefulness of the vaccine, to explain it to us.

Especially since the Minister of Health announced that an awareness campaign would start well before the start of vaccination.

And we cannot repeat it enough: the lack of communication and secrecy lend credence to rumor and bad interpretations.

Even more so in this pandemic context where populations are very cautious about vaccines developed by various international laboratories.

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